Why so quiet Rand?

I’m sure some of you all have read articles about the how the USPS will now email your mail. If you haven’t, here is one of the many articles. Written by Chris Smith from BGR.com Yes, that’s right, the United States Postal Service will now email your mail. No, it won’t open envelopes to scan […]

Should Rand Paul…….

Should @RandPaul disclose info about a program ran by DHS where peoples mail is monitored,read & at times destroyed? — A Meanss to the end (@AMeansstotheend) November 16, 2015

A Shameful Act….

Some of you all might not know, but last week our community lost one of it’s finest. On Wednesday November 4th Police Officer Daniel Ellis was shot while investigating a report of an armed robbery. Officer Ellis died two days later as a result of his injuries. The way our community has come together during […]

The Wife’s Perspective

We Are Done from the Wife’s Point of View… If you have read my husband’s post WE ARE DONE, then you know what lead up to him saying we are done. While I don’t disagree with his post, my views are a little different. The last 8 years of this journey have completely drained me. […]

Mr. Constitution

I decided to write this post about Presidential candidate and Senator, Rand Paul, aka “Mr. Constitution”. There seems to be a lot of people who have bought into the hype of Rand Paul, what he stands for and what he promises to do. My wife and I were one of these people a few years […]

It’s True!!!

A few days ago, one of our attorneys received and inquiry about my last blog post “We’re Done”, asking if it was true. I’ll try to use small words and make this as clear as I possibly can. WE ARE DONE!!! We have no plans now or in the future of pursuing any of this […]

We’re Done!!!

I apologize for leaving this blog up in the air and not publishing anything in the last 16 months. My Family has gone through a lot in the last 16 months that’s kept me away. In late 2013 my Dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer at the age of 65. The cancer had […]