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A Simpler Time

Before all the chaos in the last 4+ years, we were a simple family living a simple life. I worked 60+ hours a week going from 3rd shift during the week to day shift on the weekends. My wife was a stay at home mom who spent hours volunteering at our kids school. And my kids? Well, they weren’t teenagers.

Living paycheck to paycheck, exhausted from week to week, and some how fitting in a little family time. Yep, that was a simpler time.

What changed? Money, a settlement(s) to be exact.

Did having money bring on new problems? Yes, but not like you’d expect.  We didn’t have long lost family and friends coming out of the woodwork looking for a  hand out. Our settlement(s) were kept extremely quiet. 

Our problem was getting access to our money PERIOD.

Without getting into specifics:

* Imagine having a winning lottery ticket, but never being able to do anything with it.

* Imagine having an Executive order protecting you against harassment from any Government Agency and yet the harassment continues.

* Imagine going out and wondering if you’re being watched or followed today.

* Imagine having the FBI protecting you from ANOTHER Government Agency.

We’ve been fortunate enough to have met a lot of wonderful people who have been and are continuing to do everything they can to help us.  Over these 4+ years we’ve been privy to information that absolutely blows us away, sickens us and burdens us knowing.

We now sit back and wait. Looking for answers as to why this is happening to us and waiting for the next shoe to drop. Is this a personal vendetta against us or is this just an act of a pathetic power hungry person(s) who can’t help but engage in illegal activities? Time will tell.

Sometimes I think back to ” A Simpler Time”. Thinking of how good and fulfilling life really was.  And of course, when my kids weren’t teenagers.


34 thoughts on “A Simpler Time

    1. Thank you for re-blogging, appreciate it. We were expecting and prepared for some problems; however, being harassed by a Government Agency to the point where we needed an Executive order wasn’t something we were anticipating.

      1. You’re welcome A Meanss, and thanks for liking my post.
        I’m new at blogging and I don’t know exactly how to do everything right yet, like reblog, but I commented on this “A Simpler Time” on my blog. I hope everything works out for you and good luck to you.

  1. Very interesting – I think it’s the IRS if moola is involved…
    I’m reblogging this. God bless and take a breath once in a while. Oh and does the extra ‘s’ stand for a slam at the ‘SS’ of the Nazis?

    1. Thank you for following and re-blogging. No, the extra ‘s’ doesn’t have anything to do with the Nazis, but it does have significance. Hoping to reveal that at some point, maybe in a book. And it’s not the IRS

  2. Praying all will work out for your good!

    Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace.

  3. What an interesting story..what do you do with your life??? Seems you have the funds to see the world and live life the way it was meant to be lived. Sucks that you have to be protected at all times.

    1. We live day by day the best we can hoping one day this will all be over and we are finally left alone. Having the funds and having access to the funds are two different things. That’s why it’s like having a lottery ticket you can’t cash in.

      1. sorry but it seems so weird….i just dont understand full story I guess but i wish you the best…and hey if you get it soon and want to invest in a cool business idea…let me know! hope all goes well truly

  4. Thank you for stopping by … amazing blog hoping for a great happy read sooner than later – i will not say ending … it will be a new beginning .. fight on!!!

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