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Secret Committees

How do you feel about them?

Do you think its okay for business people to conspire with media outlets for the sole purpose of keeping negative stories about their business out of the Media?

Over the last 2 years we’ve discovered such a Committee here in Kentucky.  We knew there had to be some connection between the local media and a business that we were going after for fraud, mismanagement of funds and corruption.

It was an investigative reporter who was working on our story that discovered such Committee.  What did she get in return from the Company she worked for? She was terminated and threatened.

With her information and the help of the FBI, it became very clear who all the members of this Committee were.

What made this Secret Committee extremely interesting and “illegal” was the sitting Government officials who were a part of it.  I will say that one of these Government officials wasn’t aware of the true intent of this Secret Committee. This person was told that the Committee was to help expose fraud and corruption throughout the state. Once the true intent was discovered by this Government official, correspondence was sent to certain members of the Committee stating he wanted no part of it and regretted being involved with the Committee in the first place.

The other Government official was clearly aware of the intent of the Committee from the beginning and spearheaded the effort to make sure the Secret Committee continued.  This official called various members of the Committee trying to garner their support in continuing the Committee, which included threats if they resisted.  This Government official is currently in Federal Custody.

At this time, there are no plans to disclose who any of the members of this Secret Committee are.

We have been told that efforts are being made to “Right” some of the wrongs that have taken place.  If by some chance these “Wrongs” aren’t corrected, then I will have no problem listing EVERY member of the Committee, including who they worked for and what role they had in the Secret Committee.

*** To the members of the media that were a part of this Secret Committee.  This is a message for you to knock your crap off and do your job.***


33 thoughts on “Secret Committees

    1. Business rules this world. Most of what we are presented to be accepted as government is little more than a TV show. Our few, prominent, widely recognizable political figures are little more than rather uninteresting and well-managed celebrities. Understand this first before directing those concerns.

  1. Wow – and we (well some of us) expect God to BLESS our country … not this this stuff going on … 😦 Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate it.

  2. Just expose them, if you cannot for fear of being sued please do send he names and i will publish them gladly (with a list of all the illegal activities in which they are involved) I live overseas and they couldnt sue me even if they wanted to. Keep up the good work.!!

  3. It is so comforting to learn that these sort of political games and dirty tricks happen in the so-called 1st world as well. We who live in Africa are made to believe corruption only happens here

  4. Yours is a wonderful revelation for me. It gives me good material for the book 5th generation. I am glad u r following me. Please read and share my articles in the blog. I need people opinions.

    And why don’t we write a book on political games, jointly

  5. Everyone within the us government are in secret committees and societies such as Skull & Crossbones. May the light shine bright and all shadows fade into eternity.

  6. It’s certainly no suprise Government, local and federal are involved in the drive by media. This has been common practice since Adolf Hitler controlled German media. The conundrum is how will you expose this corruption knowing major media is on the side of Government? What other outlets can we use? My belief is the indoctrination of our children leads to government sympathizers in the media.

  7. Good write up! Keep up the good fight my friend, the more we expose this behavior and tell people what is going on the sooner we will be able to get rid of it. We have some BIG problems both Federal and State, even at the local level concerning Agenda 21.

  8. Reblogged this on 2012thebigpicture and commented:
    Another “feel good” story. So many are DOing what they can to expose the corruption and help us all BE free. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Really appreciate you reblogging. In the last 2 days I’ve had about 100 views directly from your blog. If you know of any journalist/media people please pass on my Looking for help post. Thank you again

  9. thanks for the like on my Marker’s Mark blog post it is always such a pleasure to visit your state and wow have you got some interesting ideas thought and information here I am sure to be a folllower Jolynn

    1. From above :

      At this time, there are no plans to disclose who any of the members of this Secret Committee are.

      We have been told that efforts are being made to “Right” some of the wrongs that have taken place. If by some chance these “Wrongs” aren’t corrected, then I will have no problem listing EVERY member of the Committee, including who they worked for and what role they had in the Secret Committee.

      These efforts are still on going. People make mistakes in life, make decisions they regret. As long as the corrections are made to our satisfaction, the names will not be released.

  10. I like it! The gov’t is totally commie now, the value of VOTING is now gone because of the corruption. I’d love to see Oblamer tarred and feathered personally…I’d give my left nut to watch him squirm.

    1. What they are doing is the opposite of communism, although the result may seem very similar the Stalinist regime. Our society actually more closely resembles the fascist regime of WWII Italy, under Mussolini – which was corporatist just like the US is now (not even close to communism, not even socialism).

      Some people make this mistake for two reasons that I have noticed. First, the Nazis, who were really fascist like their Italian allies, called themselves “National Socialists.” The “socialist” title was a smoke screen, as are the two parties in our “two-party system.” Second, the result is still the same as what happened in the Soviet Union: a very small number of people find a way to consolidate all of the power for themselves.

  11. Wrong! We will right the wrong! I personally am one of those who get tired of government saying that or saying “we must learn from the mistakes made”. The truth is they never do, It is all show.

  12. I like your style, Meanss. You’re willing to give everyone a chance to make restitution before you disclose their names and complicity, and you are willing to fight back if they do not relent their harassment. I hope they do finally give you what they owe you, including the public apologies, but I can’t deny that I’m very keen to hear those revelations.

    The unfortunate thing is I’m afraid they will never set this right. Fat cats only care about profit and power, and they will do anything to get it.However the email you mentioned fits into this, anything a government official does is at the request or order of someone with lots and lots of money. The fact that bribes are now legal, under the guise of “corporate free speech” should attest to that.

    1. All parties have agreed to do what we’ve asked, we’ve just got to make sure all of our ducks are in a row. The problem is, the longer all this continues the more we find out.

      We give people a chance to make it right because we aren’t malicious people. It also helps to find out that
      most of the Big Business we’ve had trouble with have been threatened or intimidated by the people harassing us. So we understand, they are afraid. Just like with Tim Cook of Apple, I’m sure he wants to do the right thing and pay us our dividend and make everything right, but he’s afraid of what might happen.

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