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Did you know? ~USPS Edition~

I’m sure most people are aware that the USPS has X-ray scanners and have used them for many years.  This has never really been a concern for me and my family until recently, so I thought I’d take the time and address the capabilities of an X-ray scanner that we’ve become aware of.

Did you know that at processing centers in larger cities they have X-ray scanners that do a little more than just show the shape of an object?

Did you know they have X-ray scanners that can show exactly what’s in a package or envelope?

Allow me to be a little more specific.  Your letter goes through one of these “special” X-ray scanners.  An image of what’s in that envelope shows up on a screen. They can then read your mail word for word. This scanner is also able to save and store information.  They aren’t suppose to be using  the save and store feature, but as we’ve discovered those procedures aren’t always followed.

I can’t sit here and tell you what city has them and what city doesn’t. I can only confirm that as of Fall 2011, the sorting center in Lexington, Kentucky had one.  It wasn’t located on the main floor, it was in one of the office areas. People were told it was a backup for the main x-ray scanner. Only a few knew of its capabilities and what it was really used for.

If you were one of the “lucky” people then you were put on “THE LIST”.  Every piece of your mail would go through this scanner.

*** Please note, I’m not a conspiracy theorists. I am only writing from our experiences.***


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