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Small Update: Did you know? ~USPS Edition~

I’ve been getting emails asking where I got the information from about the USPS x-ray scanners.

It’s part of the harassment we’ve been enduring. 

Bottom line was, we weren’t getting any mail from certain people.  It didn’t matter how it was sent or even what state it was sent from, it was being returned “Address doesn’t exist” or disappearing all together.  This went on for months until a “coincidence” was discovered.  The “Address doesn’t exist” mail that was sent back always made it to Lexington.  The problem was, it shouldn’t be Lexington saying “address doesn’t exist”, it would be the city/town we live in.

FBI conducted an investigation at the sorting center in Lexington, KY. It just so happens during the time they were at the center, a piece of our mail came through and was pulled out and set to the side.  They questioned the postal employee and during the questioning they were told about the scanner.

I will write more about all of this in detail when I post information about “The List”.  I’m not sure when that will be posted yet.


4 thoughts on “Small Update: Did you know? ~USPS Edition~

  1. What is it you are mailing? Is it a black list thing that you are on where you can’t send mail to certain entities?

    What happened four years ago for you to get a settlement? Typically that means from a corporation and I would imagine it is from a safety issue where they don’t want to be highlighted for unsafe practices because it would damage their shares and/or contracts with distributors.

    Thanks for stopping by my drone strike post. I will start following your blog as I am extremely curious. Conspiracy theory is a bad word by the media’s standards. It isn’t a theory if you have facts. Keep posting the truth. We need it to wake us up to the reality of the world around us.



    1. Thanks for following Keith. Can’t really discuss the settlement(s) we received due to a non-disclosure clause.
      However, all future litigation will be discussed publicly once it’s filed. No more private suits, no more non-disclosures. We are in the process of having several suits drawn up and filed, unfortunately because we are making them public, they need to be perfect.

      As far as the mailings. It’s not so much us sending things, its people sending to us. We aren’t able to get any financial or banking documentation, ANYTHING from our Attorneys or anyone affiliated with them. All these mailings have been “illegally” destroyed and we have proof of it.

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