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You’re Fired!!!

In September of 2012 we decided we needed a little more legal help. We already had two Federal Attorneys, but the harassment had gotten to the point where our Attorneys were being harassed as well.  Not only did we need a different kind of representation, but they did as well.

Keep in mind, our Federal Attorneys are also protected by an Executive order just as we are.

We think one of the main reasons the harassment has continued and escalated is because EVERYTHING has been kept quiet.  We decided we all needed more fire power and publicity.  We found an attorney that we liked that met all of the criteria we were looking for. Not only was he with a large firm, he had an active role from time to time on a major news channel and shared some of the same views we did on a lot of issues.

Our attorneys met with this person and discussed what needed to be done.  This attorney agreed to all terms and even signed a contract laying out all the obligations that would be required. Some of the obligations included several legal filings as well as talking about our case on the news channel he was on.  We all decided to move forward and hire this attorney after a significant retainer was paid.

This attorney was sent several documents concerning our case. He told our attorneys he had gotten through most of the documentation.  Our legal filings were to be done in October and then discussed on the news channel he worked for. The filings and publicity for the filings were very “time sensitive” and it was imperative that everything was done on time.

The attorney told our Federal attorneys that the legal filings had be done.  We waited all week long for something to be discussed on the news channel and nothing. There was no excuse for this attorney not to be able to talk about our case, he was on the news channel everyday that week. 

One of our Federal attorneys contacted the courts concerning the legal filings. There was no record of anything being filed.  The attorney was contacted, he swore up and down that everything had been filed. Despite what this attorney claims, it now makes sense why nothing was talked about on the news channel.  You’re not going to discuss a case like this if nothing was ever filed with the court.

Needless to say, this attorney had breached our contract. Not only was our contract breached, we later discovered a huge conflict of interest with this attorney that he should have divulged. It now makes us wonder, was this political or financial? After seeing an interesting video that was brought to our attention, we think it was a little of both. (This might be talked about more, depending on how things work out.)

Even though we highly doubt any services were actually rendered, the attorney was sent a letter letting him know his services were no longer needed.  It took roughly 3 months for our Federal attorneys to get their retainer back.

Hopefully this serves as a lesson to us and others out there. People aren’t always what they seem to be on TV, especially news channel personalities. They all have their agendas, whether it be financial, political or simply ratings.  Everything is said and done for a reason, unfortunately integrity is often thrown out the window.


5 thoughts on “You’re Fired!!!

  1. I was forced to drop a case against the corrupt local government, which aided and abetted a politically connected Jew hating homophobe. The reasons I was forced to drop the case are:
    – my attorney was too lazy to do anything to protect me
    – the local government deliberately suppressed/destroyed evidence against them and the Jew hating homopohbe
    – NJ courts are notoriously corrupt

    Somehow my situation seems like a variation on yours.

    1. Probably a good idea to finally shut-up about this Gary. Who forced you to drop the case? Your underpaid lawyer whom you chose to represent you in not just this matter, but several others. No you could have gone to court, but the case was dismissed WITH PREJUDICE and you agreed to it ( with prejudice indicates misconduct on the part of the party who filed the claim and forbids that party from refiling the case). You wouldn’t want the transcripts of your 5 hour deposition made public, would you? After-all, they are public property and part of the court’s record.

  2. Any attorney will do exactly the same thing. No attorney can be trusted. As to UPS, FedEx is even worse, they actually open the packages. Fedex gave any package I received to the complex manager, where I live, and they opened them. They didn’t even try to hide the fact that the packages had been opened. Fedex handed the packages to me the way the complex manager left them. There’s hardly anyone you can trust. I’ve found I can’t trust anyone.

  3. Wow, This was a very interesting read!!, I feel as though the hired attorney should have simply refused if he/she knew they wasn’t going to for-fill the tasks that were at hand, I am disappointed in these types of individuals who don’t particularly favor hardworking businessmen/women who also have to put food on the table. Although this was a learning experience I hope that your firm didn’t suffer drastically from the lack of integrity within this individual. Best of wishes and good luck!! Thanks for also visiting my blog; showing interest!

  4. Sad and scary reading your blog and what the government and agencies get up to. Conspiracy theories, NOT! Where did liberty go? We will continue to follow your story. Thanks for visiting whatyareckon. God’s best in the fight.

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