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Update #2: Did you know? ~USPS Edition~

I’d like to issue a little clarification about the X-ray Scanners and how they are used.  My initial post wasn’t to bash the USPS, it was to share our personal experience and what was done to us.

Judging by some of the responses I’ve received, people are a little shocked knowing their mail could potentially be read.  For the majority of people, your mail isn’t going through one of these x-ray scanners.  It’s typically people whose name appears on “The List”. Keep in mind though, if you are sending mail to a member of Congress, it’s a pretty safe assumption that piece of mail will go through one of these scanners.

If you are on the list:

It is perfectly legal for your mail to go through one of these scanners.  For most, your mail isn’t being opened, delayed or destroyed, so no federal offense has been committed. The contents are just being scanned for one reason or another. It doesn’t seem right, but it’s one of those things where the laws haven’t caught up with the technology.

For the very few, as in our case, a crime has been committed when they save and store the scan, delay or alter the receiving of the mail, or simply destroy the mail.

No Government agency can “legally” force the USPS, a Post Master, or a Postal employee to commit any of the acts listed above. We’ve come to find that coercion and intimidation are frequently used, as in our case, to get the Postal employees to commit these acts.

As far as we know, the x-ray scanner is still in use at the sorting center in Lexington, Ky.


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