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“The List”

What is this “List” and how do you get on it?

I would compare the USPS list to the “Do not fly” list that most, if not all people, are aware of because of the media.  However, the media has never talked about the USPS list, so very few know of its existence.

The USPS list probably had good intentions when it was created. However, as we’ve seen with the “Do not fly” list, it’s severely flawed. There are legitimate security reasons why a person may be put on this list, unfortunately as we’ve seen with other lists, innocent people suffer as well.  It’s come to our attention that a certain Government agency has used this USPS list for their own purposes, which include harassment and corruption for possibly their own political and financial gain.

How did we get on this list?

As of today, we still aren’t exactly sure why we were put on this list, but we do know who is responsible for putting us on it.  Keep in mind, we have an Executive order protecting us from this type of harassment and yet it’s still happening.

We didn’t realize we had a problem with the USPS until July of 2009.  During this time, our attorney in Indiana had tried numerous times to send us legal documents, checks, and other various items for our records.  Every time,  they came back to him with the response “return to sender”, “address doesn’t exist”, or “refused”.

He tried sending us mail through members of his family  as well as FBI agents who were working our case.  All of those mailings came back with the same responses he received, but there was one difference. The difference was how far the mailings got before it was sent back.  Sometimes it never made it out of Indianapolis, other times it went to Cincinnati, and a few times it made it to Lexington, KY, but never further. 

The FBI conducted investigations into the sorting centers in Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Lexington.  They discovered our names on a list in their system tagged as “return to sender”,  this mail was tagged to never reach its destination.  After a while, the FBI was able to remove our names from the list at the three locations.

Not wanting to deal with the USPS again,  we thought we’d use UPS and Fed Ex. We didn’t think there would be an issue at all since we were able to send a package of gifts to our attorney and his family for the holidays.  Our attorney in Indiana tried several times to send a package through UPS. Once again, every package was returned to him “REFUSED” or “Address didn’t exist”.  He tried to use one of Fed Ex’s envelopes to send documentation. This envelope went missing, it never got to us and he never received it back. Fed Ex was contacted and they said sometimes its easy for the envelopes to get lost, but they would look around and keep an eye out for it.  The envelope was never found.

We decided to have one of our Federal attorneys in Washington, D.C. try to send us documentation through Fed Ex.  Knowing what was said from Fed Ex about the the envelopes, he put everything into one of their thinner boxes and paid for it to be sent out. After a couple of days, nothing was showing up with the tracking information. He returned to the Fed Ex store and talked with the manager. The manager couldn’t find anything that was originally scanned in.  Once again, knowing something wasn’t right, the FBI was called in to investigate.

Luckily for the FBI, there was video surveillance at the Fed Ex store which made their job of finding out what happened easier.  After scanning through video to the time on the receipt, it was easy to see what happened. Minutes after our Federal attorney left the Fed Ex store, the woman who helped him, opened the box and pulled out the envelope inside. She proceeded to tear the envelope several times and throw it away.  Needless to say, she was arrested by the FBI.

After our recent problems with UPS and Fed Ex, the FBI conducted an investigation looking for lists similar to what they found at the USPS sorting centers. Nothing was ever found.

We really didn’t understand why we were having problems with UPS and Fed Ex, we receive packages from them all the time from various companies.

After failing to be able to send through UPS and Fed Ex, our Federal Attorney tried sending us mail through the USPS. He knew the FBI had found and taken care of the problem at the USPS.  He sent a couple of mailings, once again nothing every got to us and nothing was returned to the sender this time.  We had our CPA company as well as our Financial company also send us mailings, with the results being the same. We didn’t receive anything and they didn’t receive a return to sender.  It seems like all of this mail just went missing.

Fast forward to October 2011.

Our Federal attorneys were visiting a national news media company. We came up with an idea that we thought might work since we’ve never had problems receiving packages from companies. This news media company has their own merchandise store. Our attorney got several times from the store and told them he needed it to be shipped out like an online order and they had no problem doing so.  As they were packing the box, he handed them an envelope containing legal documents and checks.  The box was being shipped through UPS just as all their other online orders.

The box was tracked to Lexington, KY. We didn’t know this at the time, but the package was sent UPS basic, which means the USPS delivers the package to the final destination.  A couple of days went by and the tracking information hadn’t changed.  UPS later contacted the News Media Company saying they received the package back from the USPS saying “Address didn’t exist”.

We knew something wasn’t right because it wouldn’t be the Lexington USPS saying “Address didn’t exist”, it would be our local post office.  FBI was sent to the UPS store to retrieve the package. The supervisor who received the package back and contacted the Media Company wasn’t in and wouldn’t be back til the next day.  The FBI returned the next day and talked with the supervisor. They searched the store and couldn’t find the package.  The supervisor found out that someone, from the Government agency that’s been harassing us, came by and took the package.

The FBI went on to talk to the supervisor about why “this Government agency” was contacted in the first place.  The supervisor was very forthcoming and showed the FBI an email they had received from “this Government Agency”. The email listed our names, our family members, our attorney in Indiana and his family members, our Federal attorneys in Washington D.C. as well as the FBI agents who had been working our case.  The instructions were for them to contact “this Government Agency” if any package came through with our name on it, coming from any of the other people listed.

The UPS supervisor told the FBI that he had a friend with Fed Ex who received the same email.  The story was confirmed and the UPS supervisor and his friend gave the FBI copies of these emails.

The FBI went back to the Lexington USPS sorting center to find out why the package was marked “Address doesn’t exist” from that location.  As I wrote earlier in the “Small Update” post, the FBI was lucky enough to be at the sorting center when a piece of our mail came through and was pulled out and set to the side. They questioned the postal employee and during the questioning they were told about the scanner and us being on the list.

Since we were on “The List” every piece of our mail was put through this scanner. They were able to see that the package from the Media Company contained legal documents, checks and company souvenirs. Since the package came through UPS, they felt like it needed to go back to them instead of  being delivered.

I mentioned in another post the capabilities of this x-ray scanner, how it was able to save and store information.  The FBI found every piece of mail that was sent from our Federal Attorney, CPA, Financial Company,  and our Indiana attorney. They didn’t find the “physical” mail, the found a copy of every piece saved and stored in the scanner. They asked the postal employee what happened to the “physical” mail. He told them it was destroyed.

After more investigating, the FBI found out that our names were on list in various cities in every state surrounding Kentucky, along with Washington D.C.

Obviously there is more to talk about on this, but that will be done at a later time.

We did find out some interesting information from this scanner. There were 70 other people on the list besides our names from the Lexington area.  One name in particular stood out though. Who was it?

RAND PAUL’S CAMPAIGN – I’ll allow you to speculate why his name was on the list.


7 thoughts on ““The List”

      1. You’re welcome. I was involved with Wall Street courts big lawyers heavily litigated for my late-husband so I understand how they can hold out massing those fines. They will throw anyone under the proverbial bus first, before doing the right thing. Its a chess game to them. The only thing you have to concentrate on to win is 1) Patience 2) Knowing the truth, letting it set you free 3) Learn when to call a spade what it is. 4) Watch what you say on your phones.

  1. This sounds so unbelievably familiar, now. Since I registered to vote as a Libertarian for the last election, I noticed several odd things similar, but obviously can’t prove…except for the part where my voter registration was sent back to me days before the election as they required scans of my ID-social sec.& drivers lic. NO ONE I know has ever heard of this happening! Ever. I’m not wealthy,don’t own stocks…didn’t have computer or even cell phone at the time. But the list of bizarre & until now, unexplainable occurances, continue. Not to the extent as is happening to you…but I think there are more people affected than we know. If I hadn’t read your blog, I would’ve thought it was all coincidences, and they might be, but I have a bad feeling, considering the events that have unfolded the past weeks, that our fears about how corrupt this administration is, is proving a reality.

  2. I forgot to mention, When I registered to vote, it was online from the CA DMV website. All the ID info that was required was there…there should have been no reason for me to physically scan & mail in copies of my ID. At the time, we joked that if I had registered Democrat, it would not have happened, now I don’t think it’s a joke.

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