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JPMorgan Chase

We will be filing a lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase as well as Jamie Dimon personally.

Allow me to give a little back story on how we got to this point.

As I’ve mentioned in other posts, we were awarded a settlement, actually several settlements. We had never been given personal access to any of our settlement money. What I mean by personal access is, a transfer to our bank acct, a check, cash, anything along those lines. The Government Agency that’s been harassing went to extensive measures to make sure we could never physically touch our money.

We did have an investment account that was fairly protected against this Government Agencies tactics from the Summer of 2010 to December of 2011. However, all we could do with this investment account was buy stock, invest in companies, and move money to an escrow account to buy property. 

In the Fall of 2011, we found a property that we wanted to purchase.  We transferred 1.4 Million to our real estate agents escrow account. A contract was signed to purchase the property and our money was then transferred to the escrow account of the people who were selling the property. This account was with JPMorgan Chase.

The people moved out at the end of February 2012, but we weren’t going to be able to move into the home until a structure problem with the deck was fixed and that couldn’t be done until April.  In March, we received a phone call from the sellers real estate attorney. Apparently the house the sellers had just bought and moved into had black mold that was “undetected” when the inspection was done.

We felt bad for these people because they had no place to go. We opened our hearts and told the sellers they could temporarily move back into the home as long as they agreed to make sure the structure issue with the deck was fixed.  April came and went and the sellers found themselves in a legal issue with the people they bought the “black mold” house from.

During this time, we also found ourselves in a bind as well. Something happened to our investment account at the end of December of 2011 to where we could no longer use it at all. This Government Agency had finally found a very “quiet” way to “STEAL our money. It was still in our account, but we had absolutely ZERO access to it.

Because of the situation that both parties were in, we came to an agreement to void the contract.  The 1.4 Million was the only money we’ve been able to get out that “We thought” we’d have access to.

Bottom line is, we’ve been trying for about a year now to get our money out of the escrow account. We found out that Government Agency sent JPMorgan Chase a threatening email telling them not to release our money that it was a matter of “National Security”.

It finally went to court here in Kentucky with a decision in our favor. The order stated that JPMorgan Chase had to release our funds and laid out how the funds would be paid.  We weren’t completely happy with that decision because it didn’t give a time frame of how long JPMorgan Chase had to release the funds.  A motion was then filed giving JPMorgan Chase 30 days to follow the order.

A few days later a motion was filed by Leahey & Johnson, P.C. on behalf of JPMorgan Chase.  The motion was to move our case to Federal court in New York City, because they said the amount of money in play here was too big for a Kentucky State Judge to rule on.

The plan for JPMorgan Chase was to get this case moved to Federal court to drag out the process and to  make us hire an attorney in New York costing us more money. Little did they know we have Federal attorneys who handle most of our legal matters.

Our Federal attorneys quickly contacted the attorney on record for Leahey & Johnson. Our attorneys tried to tell this attorney on record, who was a partner, what was going on with this case. This case wasn’t a lawsuit, it was just a matter of JPMorgan Chase releasing our money from an escrow account.  Of course this attorney didn’t care and said they were doing this just because they could.  This attorney who was a partner, was then told that they couldn’t handle this case anyway, because there was a conflict of interest. We had been clients of Leahey & Johnson just a few months ago, but had fired them over breach of contract. 

This attorney wasn’t understanding how it was a conflict of interest, so Peter Johnson Jr. was then contacted. He was told about the circumstances of this case and that it wasn’t a lawsuit, that it was simply us trying to get access to our personal funds that was in a JPMorgan Chase escrow account.

Apparently JPMorgan Chase had lied to them and said this was a lawsuit and a judge had awarded us 1.4 Million. He also agreed that them handling this case was a conflict of interest, because of them representing us previously.  Within an hour of that conversation, all motions filed in the courts in Kentucky as well as Federal court in New York City were dropped.

With the 30 day deadline approaching, our Federal attorneys decided to bring Jamie Dimon(Chairman, President & CEO of JPMorgan Chase) in on this last week. He was told what was going on and “acted” like this shouldn’t even be an issue, because it was in an escrow account, it’s not the banks money.  He told our attorneys that he’d take care of it.

The deadline which was April 2nd by the end of business came and court orders weren’t followed.  The Bank manager and her boss were picked up by the FBI shortly after.  Our attorneys tried several times to get a hold of Jamie Dimon with no success.  Jamie Dimon did get in touch with our attorneys today, but was singing a different tune.

He told our attorneys he wasn’t giving our money back and it had nothing to do with the threatening email his company had received from that Government Agency a while back. He told our attorneys he didn’t like the way they talked to him and he and his attorneys would tie this up in the courts and delay paying this for so many years that we’d eventually have to give up.

Did I mention this conversation with Jamie Dimon was taped? I’m sure the judge will find it very entertaining.

Nice move Jamie Dimon, it was going to be just a lawsuit against your company. However, since YOU decided YOU weren’t giving us our money back, you’ve now brought yourself into this personally.

Lawsuits against Mr. Jamie Dimon and JPMorgan Chase should be filed by the end of the week or the first part of next week.


8 thoughts on “JPMorgan Chase

  1. about time someone took the big banks legally for all you can, you need to be sure you add damages to your suit against them, pain suffering the time this has taken away from other issues in your life etc. etc. etc. 🙂

  2. Oh, my goodness – well, not so goodness. It would be possible to say, “no way this is true.” My uninformed self of the past would have possibly gone into this state of denial, but not now. I struggle feeling good about our world sometimes, but the reality is, these sort of injustices have been going on since Roman times. They just change characters and technologies.

    I think it’s exceptional that you are not giving up. I wish you goodness and thank you for sharing your experience. Lovely that you visited my blog post about ‘Intentions”. Your like means a lot. By the way, I do wonder what the intention is behind all of this meanns?!

    With love, Amanda

    1. Thank you for your comment. As far as “Meanss” that will be discussed at some point in the future. Not sure when though, but I can assure you it has nothing to do with hitler.

  3. I have read your posts, and I hope you and your family are looking after your safety. Psychopaths are bad winds blowing ever hellbound, and will use you as a sail to shipwreck you should you not be wise to their evil machinations. I had a simple life once too. Look after yourselves.

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