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The Latest on JPMorgan Chase

The suits against JPmorgan Chase and Jamie Dimon haven’t been filed yet. There were a few things our attorney had to take care of this week. The plan is to have those suits filed sometime this upcoming week.

I decided to write an update because we had a little drama that I wanted to share.

Thursday evening one of our Federal attorneys received a phone call from Jamie Dimon.  The phone call was in reference to Jamie Dimon receiving a summons from the court in Kentucky to appear on Tuesday April 9th.  Needless to say, Jamie Dimon wasn’t very happy to receive this summons. He used some very “colorful” language with our attorney and asked,”Was this how we were going to do things?”  Little did Jamie Dimon know that our attorney had nothing to do with this summons and it had everything to do with the Judge’s order that Jamie Dimon and JPMorgan Chase refused to follow.

This morning at about 7:00 A.M. one of our attorneys had a knock on his door, it was the D.C. Police.  They had orders from the NYPD to arrest our attorney for “Terroristic Threatening”. Our attorney was locked up for about 45 minutes this morning. He wanted to know who he supposedly committed this act against. He was told it was JPMorgan Chase who filed the complaint. He was quickly able to squash this when he was allowed to explain what was going on to the Sgt. at the police station.  D.C. Police called the NYPD and wanted to know what was said that would have been “Terroristic Threatening”. The NYPD couldn’t answer the question and couldn’t provide any proof of the threatening.  The D.C. Police weren’t happy that they were used as a pawn in all of this and wanted to do something about it. They were told not to worry about it, the FBI will now be handling it.

Even though the police report had JPMorgan Chase on it, we all know who is responsible don’t we???

In my opinion JPMorgan Chase and Jamie Dimon represent what’s wrong with America. We have a company that is “Too Big to Fail” that acts like they can do anything they want and a Chairman/CEO who has more power than brains.

I don’t know about you, but I think we might’ve ruffled their feathers a little bit.

To be continued…


2 thoughts on “The Latest on JPMorgan Chase

  1. Ruffled some feathers? I can’t wait to see thosae yard birds along with 1000s of others featherless and ready for the stew pot. You know what I mean? 🙂 LMAO

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