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~An “Overzealous” ADA & The NYPD~

On April 7th I blogged about the “Terroristic Threatening” charge placed against one of our Federal Attorneys by JPMorgan Chase.  This is what we’ve found after the FBI looked into the matter.

Keep in mind, Jamie Dimon is the only person from JPMorgan Chase that our Attorney spoke with.

“Someone” from JPMorgan Chase filed the report with the NYPD without providing a shred of evidence of any kind.  An overzealous ADA sent over an arrest warrant without a signature from a judge. We can only speculate, but we think the ADA told the NYPD to go ahead and send the warrant to D.C. and that a judge would sign off on it later.

We’ve discovered this “overzealous” ADA has a relative who is an Executive at JPMorgan Chase. Apparently this ADA has issued the same kind of warrants 7 other times against customers who had taken legal action against JPMorgan Chase.

We don’t know what happened in the cases concerning the 7 other customers, but we will look into it. The ADA has been picked up by the FBI.

Lucky for us, we’ve got Attorneys who don’t back down from anything and make sure every legal procedure is followed correctly.


7 thoughts on “~An “Overzealous” ADA & The NYPD~

  1. BRAVO!!!! I’m gonna dance at your wedding and help deliver bread and water for thee squares a day for the JPM bunch. 😉

  2. Oh, why am I not surprised? Glad you have the legal rep. I wish we did. While no one I know has experienced anything quite like what you have, but we’ve had our share of misery inflicted by the system. Every time we tried to do something positive, to improve our lives, we have been shot down. My brother especially.

    1. I’m sorry to hear you and your family have had problems with the system.

      We feel very fortunate to have the legal help that we do, its good that we have a couple of Federal Attorneys who aren’t afraid of anything.

  3. Definitely a good thing. Thanks for your concern. I’ll admit, I don’t feel very safe, but at least we aren’t being harassed by government agencies (not in the same way, anyway…yet).

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