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Latest with Jamie Dimon & JPMorgan Chase

We’ve been told that Jamie Dimon will be held in contempt of court for not following the courts orders. A subpoena has been sent to Jamie Dimon for him to appear later in May. If he fails to appear, then a bench warrant can be issued for his arrest.

We do have a plan in place to “encourage” Jamie Dimon and JPMorgan Chase to follow the court order and release OUR funds. We will not be able to enact this plan until  later this month, when the Judge gets back from vacation. The element of surprise is key, so the details of this plan will be kept quiet until after it happens. This will be something that the local Media won’t be able to ignore.

Keep in mind, the 1.4 Million wasn’t an award from a lawsuit. This was OUR money that was placed in an escrow account and is being held illegally.



5 thoughts on “Latest with Jamie Dimon & JPMorgan Chase

  1. Is the judge on vacation or working on a bribery case. Why in the hell is there always so much playing around with criminals when it comes to the judicial system? If I smack someone right now, it gets reported to the law enforcement, I’ll be sitting in jail in just a few short hours if not less. Yet the judge is on a convenient vacation without anyone acting i his behalf to carry out his ruling. While crap heads like Jamie an JP get by with terrorizing the country. It was my understanding terrorism is illegal. Where in the hell is DHS, playing supporting actors in another false flag. The whole judicial and political systems are comedians sleeping in the same bed. The few good people in those systems are by most considered players as well…guilt by association. When is all that going to change?

    1. We actually don’t have a problem with the judge being on vacation. Our plan requires great coordination and it just gives us that extra time to make sure everything is in place.

    2. I’m with you 1000% but why is it when it comes to real criminals the system seems to drag it’s feet. I can understand that time and coordination is key but at the same time doesn’t that give Jamie and JP Morgan time to counteract? There’s a lot of proverbial coffins I want to see the proverbial last nail driven in. 😉

      1. The legal system is often frustrating and seems like it caters to the rich and powerful. Unfortunately for Jamie Dimon he hasn’t figured out exactly who he’s dealing with.

        As far as giving Jamie and JPMorgan Chase time to counteract. Can’t counter what you can’t see coming 🙂

    3. Well said. The term “criminal” is only used to describe those who fall within the lower socio-economic classes in the United States. The laws appear to be facially neutral but the application and enforcement clearly indicate that there exists a class of individuals beyond the reach of state and fed prosecutorial power. Fraud statutes do not apply to investment bankers and rating agencies that knowingly issue triple A ratings to worthless securities. The rule of law is an idealistic notion promulgated to provide the working class man with the idea that equality is an underlying tenet of the society.

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