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Why “A Meanss to the End”?

I’ve been asked several times about the title of the blog and what it means because of the “ss”.

“Meanss” is an Anagram for our last name. This wasn’t an Anagram that we gave ourselves.

Through various Federal Investigations, it was discovered that “Meanss” was the code word used in reference to us. It was used and is currently used by the person(s) responsible for the harassment and illegal actions that we’ve endured over the last 4+ years.

“A Meanss to the End” is a double entendre.

(1) Everyone who has helped us along the way has become a member of our extended family. If any of these people ever need our help with anything, we will be there for them. They are a member of our family til the end, “A Meanss to the End”

(2) We are “THE” means to the end of the corruption we’ve come across.


4 thoughts on “Why “A Meanss to the End”?

  1. But..,if “Meanns” was *their* code word for you, doesn’t that mean your anonymity is not hidden from them? How could your harassers *not* know it? And, if you are not trying to keep your identities from them, do you have some other reason to remain anonymous, then?

    1. We are trying to keep our identities from the general public.We are very private people and our harassers have used that to their advantage. We have two teenage kids who we’ve sheltered from this. They have no knowledge of anything, my wife and I have endured this burden ourselves, as it should be. We aren’t looking for fame or notoriety.

      We realize there might come a time where anonymity is no longer an option. If it gets our story out and the harassment to stop, then that’s what we will do.

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