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Calling Out

I realize this rant might cause me to lose some blog and twitter followers that might be die hard supporters of the politicians that I’m going to address. However, I’ve gotten to the point where I can no longer contain my frustration.

My opinions in this post come from candid conversations that took place between our attorneys and these particular politicians.

Needless to say, I’m extremely disappointed in two politicians who gave us their “Word” they’d help us.

Who are these politicians?

Senator Rand Paul “Mr. Constitution” and his father former Representative Ron Paul.

What makes this a little more frustrating for us is that my wife and I voted for Rand Paul, we are his constituents.

In early January of 2012 Senator Rand Paul and Representative Ron Paul were contacted by our attorneys.

They were brought up to speed about what had been going on with us, the corruption we’d found and the harassment we’ve endured.

At that time it was also brought to Senator Rand Paul’s attention about finding his Campaign on the “List” at the USPS sorting center in Lexington, Ky. He told our attorneys about a couple of supporters who contacted him wanting to know why their checks hadn’t cleared. He ended up meeting those supporters in person where new checks were issued. Our attorney’s confirmed with him the names of the supporters that he met with in person. Copies of those checks were found on the scanner that I talked about in previous posts, but never forwarded to the Rand Paul Campaign.

Even though Senator Paul’s campaign was targeted, he appeared more upset about the harassment we’d been through. 

Senator Rand Paul and his father gave our Attorney’s their “Word” they’d do anything to help us.

In February 2012, it was discovered by FBI that one of our attorney’s had been bugged. It was a “Blue Pen” with a listening device built in. We all thought back to when this could’ve happened.

In December of 2011 our Attorney had met with Fox News CEO Roger Ailes. Roger Ailes flew our attorney on a private plane from D.C. to New York City.

When it was time to return to D.C., the private plane was being used so our Attorney flew on a commercial flight. Before boarding the flight, our Federal Attorney was detained by TSA/DHS for a period of time. Our Attorney told the Agents he had an Executive Order in his briefcase against any kind of government harassment. They read the order, his personal items were returned to him and he was soon on his way back to D.C.

This was the only time that our Attorney’s briefcase was out of his sight and the only time that a bug could’ve been planted.

This meant that every conversation our Attorney had with anyone where his brief case was present could’ve been recorded, including the conversation with Senator Rand Paul and Representative Ron Paul.

FBI was sent to the locations of Senator Rand Paul as well as Representative Ron Paul. If my memory serves me correctly, Representative Ron Paul was on the Campaign trail for the 2012 Presidential election at the time.

Sure enough, “blue pens” just like the one found in our Attorney’s briefcase was found on Senator Rand Paul and Representative Ron Paul. They both seemed outraged that their privacy had been violated. Senator Rand Paul even commented to our Attorney that he even takes his briefcase into the bathroom with him.

When could’ve this happened?

Remember this incident on January 23rd?

Rand Paul stopped by TSA after body scan anomaly.

The story of Senator Rand Paul being detained by TSA made the news everywhere. We didn’t know this until Senator Rand Paul told our Attorneys, but a story that didn’t make the news was that Representative Ron Paul had also been detained by TSA shortly after their meeting with our Attorneys.

Was it a mere coincidence that our Attorney, Senator Paul, and Representative Paul who were all bugged had just recently been detained by TSA? One thing we’ve discovered over the last 4 years through all the investigations, THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES!!!

What we needed from Rand and Ron was for them to talk about our situation in public, on the air, etc.  For whatever reason, they needed us to create the forum for them to speak out about our harassment.

That really never made much sense to my wife and I. Here you have two members of Congress, one member running for President of the United States and WE needed to create a forum? That’s been our biggest problem, getting the media to cover our story.

A meeting in early January 2013 was initially set up with Senator Paul; however the meeting was cancelled due to his son’s arrest.

Our Attorneys have tried several times since to contact Senator Paul but to no avail.

Former Representative Ron Paul was able to meet with one of our Attorneys a couple of weeks ago. He told our Attorney he’d need to contact Rand. Ron was told that was the problem. Rand wasn’t returning any of their phone calls or messages.

Ron was reminded that he and Rand gave their “word” they’d help us. He didn’t remember such a thing and told our Attorney he wasn’t interested in helping his (our Attorney’s) political aspirations.  What?

I can assure you that none of our Attorneys have any political aspirations. The only aspirations our Attorneys have at this point in their lives are to unburden us from this unjust and unconstitutional harassment we’ve endured.

It’s been 18 months since you said you’d help us Senator Rand Paul.




How can we #StandwithRand, if Rand won’t #StandwithUS ???

How can we vote to re-elect you as Senator while you sit in silence as we continue to be harassed???

How can we even possibly think of voting for you for President of the United States knowing what you know and yet you do nothing???

I know where you’ve been Senator Rand Paul. You’ve been busy jumping on the bandwagon of any controversial story/issue/scandal that’s already been made public.

Here is a thought Senator Rand Paul. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon, how about hitching to the front of that wagon and bring awareness to a story/scandal that’s not in the public???

I’m calling you out Senator Rand Paul.   #StandbyyourWord

Please reblog and retweet, in hopes of getting the attention of Senator Rand Paul


19 thoughts on “Calling Out

  1. Sadly politicians are not worth the sweat in their shorts when it comes to keeping their word. They all bloviate about turning this country around, upholding the Constitution and then when faced with a clear violation of Constitutional rights they wet themselves at the very thought of taking a stand.

    1. I’ve learned the hard way that it isn’t about the politicians. It’s about the ideas they stand for. Any politician is susceptible to corruption. Thanks for liking my post by the way. I am following your blog.

      1. Unfortunately too many are only concerned for themselves. What they stand for is anything that might get them reelected,

      2. Its called being real, and experience and context. And perception. Just because someone says it how it is and you dissagree/dont umderstand – doesnt mean its a cause for concern. It more strongly indicates your naivity, ignorance, mental minus imo.

      3. He has children and family
        . They make it look like accidents. And frame you for things. Discredit your name. Stop being so bitter wimpish about something so small. Get on with your life. Perhaps use your new found “fame” to read up on and spread names of imventors of cures for cancer,illnesses, water fueled cars in 70’s, and many other inventions and inventorors who misteriously died days after, in tradgic circumstances or with sudden illness or accidents. Youd be doing Liberty and Freedom a greater service. So what RP is ignoring you!

  2. Reblogged this on Natural Conservatism & Common Sense and commented:
    Not exactly sure what this is all about but your story is indeed interesting. We often get caught up in the big stories that involve many people, this one seems to be about you, a single person.
    Well, that is what America is all about, the equal justice fir the individual citizen, not the organizations and groups, it’s about people just like you that is going unheard in the storm.
    Don’t know if me rebloging this will do you a bit of good but it is the least I can do and happy to.
    Good Luck on getting a resolution to your problems.
    Yours in Freedom

    1. Thank you for reblogging. It’s a very complicated story to try to explain and talk about. And of course a gag order doesn’t help the situation either. So there are things that I can’t talk about yet. All I can say is if you thought all the recent scandals were alarming then you haven’t seen or heard anything yet 🙂

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog Your story is a very disturbing one, though not surprising, unfortunately. I AM saddened by Ron & Rand Paul’s actions, or lack thereof. I had really thought Ron Paul was the one politician I could trust. 😦

    1. Ron Paul is a politician you can trust IF it fits his agenda. I was surprised by how different he is when he’s talking candidly. I was shocked to hear how he talks about certain “groups” of people(if you know what I mean). We have taped audio of the conversations between the Paul’s and our attorneys. I really don’t think it would benefit either one of them if those recordings were released, but who knows.

      I just want Rand and Ron to stand by their Word. They said they would do anything to help, prove it. Talk is cheap.

  4. Thanks for the visit . I don’t trust and have nothing nice to say about the family who would eliminate the 14th Amendment FEMA and the voters Right Act … goodluck with your efforts, unfortunately, plenty of them ..including democrats have jumped on the tunnel vision train

    1. Thank you for responding. Rand Paul not responding has been a real disappointment.

      Although him not responding has really gotten me to pay closer attention to him. He will definitely jump on the band wagon of a story or cause that gets national attention. He stays on it for a
      few weeks and then moves on to the next one.

      He’s becoming quite predictable and I think he’s really going to make a push to run for President in 2016.

      At this point, I can’t support someone who doesn’t stand by their word. I’m hoping he will come around, but who knows.

      I do know that he wants everyone to think he’s a man of integrity. If he doesn’t keep to his word, we will have no problem releasing recorded audio that might tarnish that integrity.

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