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A Forum for Senator Rand Paul

This post is specifically for Senator Rand Paul.

Sen. Paul,

When you and your father met with our Attorneys in January of 2012, you both gave our Attorneys “Your Word” that you’d do anything you could to help us.
You told us that if we could get Fox News or the Daily Caller to interview you all on the subject, you’d be more than happy to talk about it on air or give a statement.

You also knew that was the biggest problem we’d faced, getting a media outlet to cover our story. You acted like you all needed us to create the forum for you all to talk about our story and the harassment we’d endured at the hands of a Federal Agency. As I stated in the “Calling Out” post that really never made much sense to my wife and I.

You are a Senator for OUR state and your father, a member of the House of Representatives, was running for President of the United States. Yet you all needed us to provide a forum?


I see you on the news talking about NSA, Benghazi, the IRS, etc. and yet you can’t talk about a scandal that is probably bigger than all three of those combined?
What’s your excuse Senator?

Are you frightened by the information and evidence that you were shown?
Are you scared of the person responsible for the harassment we’ve been through?

Are you afraid of the person who was responsible for bugging you and your father?

Does the person responsible for our harassment have something on you or your father?

You’ve shown at least in public, you aren’t afraid to speak out on anything, even if it means going against your own party.

Please tell me, why in over 18 months neither you nor your dad hasn’t lifted one finger to help us???

I know you really don’t think too much of the NSA and FBI right now considering the recent revelation of the data collecting program. I know other Americans feel this infringes on their rights, but my family and I have no problem with either of these agencies collecting information on us personally. In fact we gave them permission to access any information they wanted on us.

You see, these are the only two Agencies that have shown they give a damn about what’s been going on with us. The FBI has been helping and protecting us from Day 1 and I really don’t think they will ever understand how much we appreciate all they’ve done for us. The NSA has been helping us for almost a year now and they’ve been able to take this investigation to another level with all their resources.
The Federal Agency that’s been targeting us is the one who has been doing all the things that you are complaining about and what the general public fears.


  • They have been bugging phones and recording conversations.
  • They have been bugging houses, indoors and outdoors recording conversations.
  • They have been accessing our text messaging.
  • They have been following us.
  • They have been following our children.
  • They have been photographing us.
  • They have been photographing our children.
  • They have been bugging our attorneys.
  • They have been following our attorneys.
  • They have been bugging our friend’s phones.
  • They have been accessing our friend’s text messages.
  • They have been bugging you Senator Paul.
  • They have been bugging your father, Ron Paul
  • They have been bugging our local media.
  • They have been bugging the National Media we’ve gone to.
  • They have been bugging the FBI that’s been helping us.
  • They have been following the FBI that’s been helping us.
  • They have been bugging all the companies we’ve had problems with.
  • They have been scanning and reading our mail.
  • They have been destroying our mail.

You wanted a forum Senator?

Here is your forum, my blog. You can use our contact page to write a response and I will post your column on the blog.

I realize if you are viewing the blog from a mobile device it might be difficult to find the Contact Page, so I will help you out with a link.

Contact Page

I know our Attorneys talked to you about all the things we wanted to do for Kentucky, all the companies we wanted to start. I know you were either shown financial information or told how much we have sitting in our account. You know what we are capable of.

Help us move on with our lives by ending this harassment once and for all. Allow us to help the residents of Kentucky by creating thousands of jobs for the state.

If you are a man of integrity then step up and follow through on “Your Word”.

#StandbyyourWord Senator Rand Paul


The Kentucky Family You Turned Your Back On



14 thoughts on “A Forum for Senator Rand Paul

    1. When you have time try to read through all of the blog. Basically boils down to be harassed by a Govt. Agency for over 4 years. They’ve done everything possible to make sure we cant access our funds, even though we have an Executive Order of Protection from the President. We are being protected by the FBI from THIS Govt. Agency.

      Think about that. The FBI is protecting us from another Agency. FBI and NSA are doing everything they can to enforce our Executive order and fix our problem.

      We have a pretty good idea why we are being targeted, but of course we can’t talk about that specifically because of a Gag order in place.

      And no, if Senator Rand Paul sits on his butt and does nothing, then we will not be voting for him. Why would we vote for someone who lied to us personally?

      If Senator Paul does nothing, then we will probably release Audio recording of the conversation he and his dad had with our attorneys. And I can assure you, they won’t be good for him, especially his father.

      1. Sorry to hear that, really.
        Still didn’t understand what Govt. Agency you’re tlking about.
        Anyway not voting for him means helping the other candidate to win (wheter Presidential or for the Senate seat) and (I don’t know your political views) that would be worse. If I was in your position I would still support them.

      2. Go read my post about Our Executive Order of Protection.

        I am a Conservative. Had we not had these interactions with Senator Rand Paul and his father, then I would probably give my full support to him. My wife and I voted for him when he won in KY.

        I truly hope Senator Paul comes around and shows he’s a man of integrity and stands by his word. He just might need a little encouragement from some of his supporters. That’s why we encourage everyone who supports Senator Rand Paul to hold him accountable and tell him to do what’s right.

        I just don’t think he’s going to based on a conversation he had with our Attorney Friday morning. Which I’ll be blogging about in a day or two.

        Senator Paul has no problem talking publicly about all the other Scandals. Ours is bigger than all the others combined. Our Scandal includes all the aspects of all the Scandals now and rolls them into one and then some.

        At this point, My family and I will support any politician who stands up and puts themselves out there to help us.

  1. @Spaghetti & Liberty: I will vote because I refuse to relinquish any my democratic rights. But I do not believe *any* of our “elected” leaders is better than any of the others. I actually do not believe our votes count for anything now; our “representatives” are appointed by the true rulers, the corporate oligarchy, and the elections are all a sham to fool us into believing we still have some power. Voting anyway, in spite of this, is a statement, a form of protest, that I will not give up my rights in what is supposed to be a democratic republic.

    @A Meanss: Unfortunately, I am afraid that none of them will stand up for you. As I said before, they *all* serve the same master. They haven’t given me any reason to believe otherwise.

  2. I probably don’t need to tell you this as I am sure by now you already know…If there is not something substantial in it for them the politician will always leave you waiting. It is not about their state it is about power, it is always about power and an uncontrollable addiction to power. Good luck though anyways.

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