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A Message from Senator Rand Paul’s Attorney

One of our Federal Attorneys did speak with an Attorney out of D.C. representing Senator Rand Paul earlier today.

It was explained to Rand’s attorney the purpose of releasing the taped conversations was to show that Senator Rand Paul WAS NOT a man of his word.  It just so happens there were other things said during these conversations that could make Rand and Ron Paul look bad.

Rand’s attorney is pretty much saying that our Attorney didn’t have consent to tape the conversations that took place between our Attorneys and both Rand and Ron Paul.

Our Attorney told him during the first conversation, Rand and Ron Paul are both on tape consenting to have the conversation recorded.

The second conversation in question was between Ron Paul and one of our Attorneys. At the time of the conversation our Attorney was in a (one party) State. Meaning, only one side had to know the conversation was being recorded.

I’m sure many of you all are wondering what was said that could possibly be damaging.  I’m not going to reveal the expletives yet. Senator Rand Paul’s attorney doesn’t care if the tapes were recorded legally. In fact, Senator Rand Paul’s attorney has Threatened to” Shut us Down” if we or our Attorneys release the taped conversations.


The purpose of my blog is to bring awareness and discussion to what we’ve been through over the years. Having my blog shut down defeats that purpose. For now, the taped conversations aren’t going to be released on here. However, our Attorneys are working on providing us with the transcripts of those conversations so we can post on the blog. 😉


After seeing Rand and Ron’s true colors, it saddens and angers me to know that these two ” so called constitutionalist” have so many people fooled. Unfortunately, I was one of those fools.



14 thoughts on “A Message from Senator Rand Paul’s Attorney

  1. If you just post the transcripts and not the actual audio, then we have no way to know you’re not just making it up.

  2. Thanks for posting this. As for “those two are the best we’ve got” comment, pardon me while I puke. I have worked tirelessly for RP in the past and have given generously. But I have repented before the Lord for doing so.

    He says all the right things and his voting record is pretty spot on, but when he refused to go independent in this last election after the GOP tomfoolery, he lost my support. And when he tried to hand the liberty movement to his son, pardon me while I puke again, he lost my admiration.

    I’ve seen the hand signal videos and the alleged connections to the masons, and I don’t know what to think about that. But I dont for a minute think that He and Rand are the best hope for America. Thats about as logical as getting behind Rubio because he’s our best presidential hopeful.

    The electoral process is rigged by geography (google election city vs. rural) , counting software (see programmer whistleblower testimony), and soon by illegals made legal. Dont look to the district of criminals for help. No help is coming from there.

    You are the best hope America has. Read 2 Chronicles 7:14 and then carefully fulfill each of the requirements in that passage (pray, seek face, turn from sin, etc) and get others in your circle of friends to do the same.

    Some will trust in horses, some will trust in chariots, I will trust in the name of my God.

  3. How do we know you’re speaking truth here? It’s easy to post something on a blog and claim rand and ron aren’t who they seem to be. What other proof can you provide that proves your case?

    Can you please email me details? I’m a rand supporter (and ron), but I’m open to hearing what you have to say.

  4. How do we know you’re not just making all of this up? Is there somehow a better candidate than Rand? We are limited to those who run for office.

    1. Why would we make something up like this? Why would we attack Rand’s character and integrity without cause?

      We are conservatives from Kentucky. I’ve lived in Kentucky for 30+ years, I was born and raised here.

      We voted for Rand in 2010. We went to him for help because he is our Senator, because of his platform, what he believed in and stood for.

      At this point, I would choose several other candidates over Rand.

      This is personal for us. We lost a great deal because Rand didn’t keep to “HIS WORD”. I don’t expect you to understand because his lack of action didn’t personally affect you.

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