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Taking What’s Ours

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything for the blog and I apologize for that. There have been lots of things going on behind the scenes in the last couple of months that I wasn’t able to share at the time.

As some of you all may know by reading past blog posts, we are owed monies from Apple, Ford and JP Morgan Chase.

The monies from Apple and Ford are from dividend payments that we’ve never received.

As it stands now, we are owed approximately 12.6 Million from Apple, 600 Thousand from Ford and 1.4 Million from JP Morgan Chase.

Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) and Alan Mulally (CEO of Ford) were ordered in Federal Court in Indianapolis, Indiana to pay a quarterly payment of our dividend and was given 30 days to do so.  This payment guideline would continue until all monies owed were paid in full.

Both Tim Cook and Alan Mulally failed to comply with the order. Subpoenas were sent to Tim Cook and Alan Mulally as well as Ford CFO Robert Shanks to appear in Federal Court.  Tim Cook and Robert Shanks failed to appear in court as ordered. Alan Mulally’s personal attorney appeared on his behalf letting the Judge know that Mr. Mulally had a death in the family and couldn’t appear. The Judge gave Alan Mulally an additional 30 days to appear. He failed to do so.

I cannot legally comment on what actions may or may not occur concerning the failed appearance of all three of these men.

Since Apple, Ford and JP Morgan chase has failed to comply with court orders in regards to monies owed. We have thought of an interesting way to “Take what’s ours”.

I’m not sure if anyone remembers this story from a couple years ago about a couple in Florida who was owed monies by Bank of America.  Bank of America refused to pay the couple, so they used an interesting tactic to try and get what was legally owed and they were successful.

Here is a link to the article: Florida couple threatens Bank of America Branch with foreclosure

We have decided to try this tactic. In fact, we already did this to Apple.

On Friday October 11th, we were given a Federal order for seizure of assets.  This order was executed on the 11th at the Apple store located on Keystone Crossing in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Approximately $275,000.00 in merchandise was removed from the store and is being held in a secure location.

Tim Cook and Apple have 45 days from the time of seizure to pay our dividends owed. If they fail to pay, the merchandise will be auctioned off. The monies received at auction will be subtracted from the dividend amount owed minus storage, transportation and other fees.

Some people might think this wont do any good; Apple will just restock the store with merchandise. We realize this and are perfectly fine with it.  The purpose of seizing assets is to get the monies owed to us, if that means it disrupts business for Apple for just a few days, then so be it.

Tim Cook and Apple need to understand that we aren’t going to just stop with ONE store. We have a federal order, meaning that we can hit ANY Apple store in ANY state.

Alan Mulally and Jamie Dimon need to take notice. We can do the same to Ford Corporate Dealerships and Chase Bank branches.

We are going to take what is ours one way or another.



9 thoughts on “Taking What’s Ours

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m actually really interested to know more about what you do. What did Apple do?

    Love your fight against big corporations. I think its time we as customers stood against injustices done by corporations who are always putting money before people.

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