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Well Played…

Well Played

This is what Tim Cook said to our Attorney during a phone conversation that took place on October 21st.

As I stated in the post “Taking What’s Ours Part 2“, our latest seizure of assets got the attention of Tim Cook.

The more my wife and I thought about this statement “Well Played” the more it pissed us off.  This statement shows us that holding our dividends owed, defying a federal court order to pay our dividends owed, and failing to appear in court after a subpoena was issued is just a big freaking game to Tim Cook.

Despite all of this, we decided to try and work out a deal with Tim Cook.  Mr. Cook wants us to stop going into his Apple stores and seizing assets and disrupting business.

Stipulations were laid out for Mr. Cook to follow in order for us to halt any further seizures. Mr. Cook agreed to follow all of our stipulations.

Mr. Cook was given a week to comply with the first stipulation.  As he’s done in the past, he failed to comply in a timely manner.

Since Mr. Cook failed to comply with the stipulations he agreed to. We will continue to seize assets this week.

Attention: I have added a countdown to the right side of the blog.  It’s titled “Our 1st Apple Auction”. November 26th will be day 46 since our first seizure of assets on October 11th. On November 26th we are legally able to auction off all assets seized on the 11th, unless all monies owed are paid in full.


One thought on “Well Played…

  1. I didn’t need another reason to boycott Apple products, but now I have one! Apple and corporations like it do not make the world a better place, no matter how technologically advanced we think it all is, we pay a very dear price for this bullshit. Behind you 100%.

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