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Taking What’s Ours Part 3

As I posted in “Taking What’s Ours”, Apple isn’t the only company that owes us money.

On Thursday October 31st, a Federal order for seizure of assets was executed at a Chase Bank location in Indianapolis, Indiana.

All assets were removed from the bank location except for the Server and any other items that contain customer information.

Approximately $126,000.00 in cash was seized from the cash drawers not including rolls of coins.

Apparently an assistant Manger was able to call somebody. While assets were being seized, our Attorney received two phone calls from Jamie Dimon’s attorney.

Jamie Dimon and Chase have 45 days from the time of seizure to pay the remaining 1.4 Million that they are illegally holding. If they fail to pay, the assets seized will be auctioned off. The monies received at auction will be subtracted from the amount owed minus storage and other fees.

However, the $126,000 + in cash that was seized will go directly to us and be subtracted from the 1.4 Million owed.

As I’ve stated in another post regarding Tim Cook and Apple. Jamie Dimon and Chase need to understand that we aren’t going to just stop with ONE bank.  We can hit ANY Chase Bank in ANY state.

We will continue to seize assets until we either accumulate 1.4 Million after auction and fees or until Jamie Dimon decides to release the remaining amount of our monies being held illegally.


6 thoughts on “Taking What’s Ours Part 3

  1. I just read your entire blog and this is one incredible story. One thing I never saw explained (and maybe you can’t explain it) is why this ever even happened in the first place. What started all of this? Why are they doing this to you?

    I am disgusted that no media sources will take your story.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read the entire blog.

      We just hit our 5 year mark from when all of this started. About 6 weeks ago we found a possible link to answer that very question as to why this ever happened in the first place.

      I can’t reveal that link just yet because a timeline is still being put together to see who all was involved. I can say that we aren’t alone. We have found at least 140 individuals who’ve been targeted as well, just not to the extreme that we have.

      We are upset about the media, but we also understand they’ve been threatened.

      We are more upset about the members of Congress, like Senator Rand Paul and former Representative Ron Paul, who know what’s been going on and have sat in silence.

      1. That is incredible. I give you kudos, I don’t know if I could be strong enough to go through that for 5 years. I hope this blows up in the media some day and you get the justice you deserve.

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