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A Response…

As I was posting this morning, our Attorney in Washington D.C. received a response from Tim Cook and Apple.

The response was in the form of a Federal restraining order against our “Federal Group” from entering any more Apple Stores and seizing assets.

The restraining order is out of California. The fact that our Federal case against Apple is out of Indianapolis, Indiana tells us more than likely there was some deception used to obtain the restraining order.

Let me catch you all up to speed and see if this sounds right to you all.

  • Tim Cook appeared in Federal Court in Indianapolis a few months ago. He was ordered to pay our dividend in installments by a certain time frame.
  • Tim Cook failed to comply with the Federal Order to pay our dividend and was subpoenaed to appear in court.
  • Tim Cook failed to appear in court.
  • Since Tim Cook and Apple failed to comply with the Federal Order to pay our dividend and appear in court, the judge ordered a seizure of assets for us to collect what’s owed.
  • Tim Cook’s response to our attorney after seizing assets was “Well Played”
  • Tim Cook agreed to a new deal in order for us to stop seizing assets.
  • Tim Cook failed to follow the new order he agreed to.

So now we are waiting for our Attorneys and the Federal Judge in Indianapolis to get all of this cleared up in California.

Our Attorney also received a phone call from PODS this morning, saying they got a phone call from Apple threatening a lawsuit against PODS for aiding in theft.

Apple is going to sue PODS because they were hired by our party to transport the merchandise we seized by a Federal Court order???

In my opinion Tim Cook is Garbage. Apple is Garbage.


4 thoughts on “A Response…

  1. Wow…just finished reading this series of articles. Is this a typical MO for Apple or has this just started with the new management? It’s difficult to imagine that Steve Jobs would’ve operated this way.

    1. I think if Apple was at fault for something, Steve Jobs would’ve made it right. That is all we’ve ever asked for.

      Tim Cook has proven by his actions and comments this is some sort of a game to him and has placed liability squarely on his shoulders. I can assure you, proper legal actions will be taken against Apple and Tim Cook.

  2. How does one participate in the asset auction? Will it be online? or will it be something you have show up to in person in Indianapolis or Kentucky? I’d love to do my part to help you out!

    1. I’ll post more about the asset auction when we have more details. We are looking at an auction house out of Indianapolis right now. They might have online capability, not exactly sure.

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