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Taking What’s Ours Part 4

We had a pretty busy couple of days over this past weekend.  We served two orders for seizure of assets.

The first order was served on November 1st to the same Indianapolis, Indiana Apple store that we’d already hit on October 11th.

The second order was served on November 2nd to the Apple store located in Louisville, Kentucky.

Four PODS containers were filled and moved to a secure location. It took several days to inventory all the merchandise that was seized.

Between the two stores, approximately 3.7 Million in assets was seized.

We did hit another Apple store yesterday in a larger market. I will post information about that seizure as soon as everything is inventoried and approximate retail value is calculated.

To date, we have seized approximately 6.7 Million in retail value from Apple.

Because Tim Cook has not come through or made contact about his recent failed agreement with us, we can only conclude that he is okay with our continued seizure of assets.

One thing Mr. Cook needs to understand is that we are continuing to earn a dividend. As of right now we are actually owed 14.05 Million in unpaid dividends. On November 14th that amount increases.

Unless Mr. Cook pays what’s owed in full, we will be auctioning off all assets collected.  We realize we will not get full retail value at auction and in anticipation of that, we will continue to seize assets until we have accumulated 3X our dividends owed.

Hopefully Mr. Cook will rethink this little game he’s playing with Holiday shopping right around the corner.


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