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Taking What’s Ours Part 5

As I mentioned in the “Taking What’s Ours Part 4” post, we did seize assets at another Apple store the day prior to receiving the temporary restraining order.

The order for seizure of assets was served on November 6th at a store located in New York City. There were no issues with any store employees, they complied with the order 100%.

Three large POD containers were filled and shipped to a secure location. Approximately 8.1 Million was seized from this New York City location.

To date that brings our grand total of assets seized to approximately 14.8 Million in retail value.

We will proceed with selling off those assets as soon as we legally can.

In regards to the temporary restraining order that has been placed against us and our party, a court date has been set in January. Our attorneys will address this issue in California and hopefully get this resolved quickly.

If you read through all of the posts concerning Apple, you will see this is all a game to Tim Cook and he is doing what he can to make a mockery of the Federal Courts.

What do you think would happen to us or any other normal person if we failed to comply with a federal court order?  We’d be held in contempt.

What do you think would happen to us or any other normal person if we failed to appear in court after being subpoenaed? We’d be arrested.

What Tim Cook fails to realize is, because of his personal actions, he’s taken this from being a liability issue with Apple Inc. to putting it squarely on his shoulders as well.

We aren’t just going after Apple anymore. We are going after Tim Cook as well.


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