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Mr. Constitution

I decided to write this post about Presidential candidate and Senator, Rand Paul, aka “Mr. Constitution”.

There seems to be a lot of people who have bought into the hype of Rand Paul, what he stands for and what he promises to do.

My wife and I were one of these people a few years ago. I’m writing this to share our personal experience with Rand Paul and how what he says and does is a complete contradiction.


We went to Rand Paul for help in January of 2012 for a few reasons.

  1. He was one of our Senators for Kentucky
  2. We knew for a fact that he wasn’t a part of the harassment that we had endured
  3. He portrayed himself as someone who will fight for everyone and follow the Constitution

It was really disheartening watching Rand Paul sit in silence after giving us “his word” that he would do everything he could to help us.

Here are a few examples of what Rand has said and then questions we have for Rand.





When exactly did you draw this line in the sand Rand?

What did you do in 2012 when we told you our Constitutional rights were being violated?

What did you do when we told you what was being done at our Post Offices?

What did you do when we showed you evidence from the post office that innocent people are being targeted?

What did you do when we showed you evidence of our names along with others being on a “List” at the USPS?

What did you do when we showed you evidence that your campaign was on that “List”?

What did you do when we showed you evidence that some of your donors were on that “List”?

What did you do when we showed you evidence of an X-ray machine at the USPS that can actually read someones mail?

What did you do when we showed you evidence that our mail had gone through this X-ray machine?

What did you do when we showed you evidence that our mail was being destroyed?

What did you do when we showed you evidence that some of your donors mail had gone through this X-ray machine?

What did you do when we showed you evidence that some of your donors checks had been destroyed?

What did you do when we showed you evidence that DHS was behind the list under the direction of Janet Napolitano?

What did you do when we showed you email evidence that Janet Napolitano was threatening the job of the Post Master if he didn’t have our mail destroyed?

What did you do when we showed you evidence ( a taped conversation) of Janet Napolitano ordering the Post Master( Who was actually undercover FBI) to destroy our mail?

What did you do when we told you that our Attorneys had been bugged by DHS?

What did you do when you found out that the same Bugs had been placed on you by TSA (actually DHS)?

What did you do when you found out that the same Bugs had been placed on your Father by TSA (actually DHS) during his Presidential campaign?






You say you stood for 10 hours on the Senate floor to defend our rights to be left alone. This was in reference to the NSA.

Where is your reference to the Department of Homeland Security?

You say when you’re President, you will turn the NSA into a Constitutional Center to study the Fourth Amendment.

If you’re elected President, What will you do to the Department of Homeland Security? 



The vulgarity comment on twitter is in reference to Donald Trump.

Do you feel the same way about anyone running for public office Rand?

What would you do  if your father used vulgarity to describe someone while running for office?

What would you do if you were sitting right next to your father while he used vulgarity to describe someone?

What would you do if you heard your father use the “N” word in reference to President Obama and other African Americans?

What would you do if you heard your father use the “F” and “Q” words in reference to Gay people?



My message to Senator Paul. Don’t be naive in thinking that we are the only ones who have the recorded conversations that you and your father had with our attorneys. We were all bugged remember?

My message to anyone who might read this post who supports Rand Paul. Before you #standwithRand maybe you should #demandmorefromRand, ask him some of the same questions I’ve asked above. What if this was you? How would you feel?

If anyone would like to read all the posts about our dealings with the Paul’s, they are posted below. I’m opening up the comment section for anyone to comment. Again, this is our personal account of dealings with Rand and Ron Paul.

We will not support Rand Paul for President of the United States nor his re-election bid for the US Senate.

Calling Out

A Forum for Senator Rand Paul

Trying to Shut Us Up

A Message from Senator Rand Paul’s Attorney






3 thoughts on “Mr. Constitution

  1. it’s hard.
    we already knew that life isn’t fair but then to find out the hard way that “life” is full of illegalities freely practiced without any laws applied and justice denied, the corruption from the top down on and on is hard to deal with on a daily basis.
    the seated politicians simply don’t care.

    the icing on this cake is reading the CRAP that gets their cases heard and getting cash awards, getting records expunged, absolution from debt etc

    all we are asking for is that the law is applied and we are PROTECTED.

    due to my filing verified complaints and grievances against loiyuuhs, law enforcement, a lying social worker-all we have experienced is harassment.
    my son is disabled-some insider keeps filing MORE false info to the SSA resulting in loss of benefits.
    due to the initial LIES, he is a ward of the courts.
    i cannot even find an atty to take these liars to task, cannot get an authentic civil rights atty as he was illegally detained,confined, dened rights etc–he still has NO PROTECTIONS UNDER THE LAW as he is property of these corrupt courts and they are free to invade and remove him again with more BS charges…..THEY HAD NONE TO BEGIN WITH–simply someone MAKING THOUSANDS SELLING HIM INTO THE ADULT FOSTER CARE SYSTEM-
    complaints go no where.
    we have been stalked and harassed by the bitch of a court appointee and the law.

    stay safe.
    try and clear your name etc as at least they acknowledged the ACTIONS leading to this mess.
    stay safe
    the chain of corruption starts at the top and at the heart of IT ARE THE ATTORNIES.
    the courts, the judges, the loiyuuuhs, their bar associations and appeals PROTECTS THEM ALL, then the law enforcement right up to the feds and down again, the politicians and their judges…this entire wheel and it’s spokes–all corrupt and ALL WORKING TOGETHER HAND IN HAND.
    stay safe.

  2. So where are those contradictions you were talking about? What silence? What if he did answer your questions, if indirectly, but you’re just not covering it (perhaps you weren’t fully aware of Rand’s statements, or not…)?

    1. Where are the contradictions? He tells the American people he will fight against Government intrusion. He only wants to bring up NSA because it made headlines.

      We know better, we’ve known better for a few years now.

      He and his dad (Who was running for President at the time) was shown evidence of criminal activity involving DHS. Including evidence of Rand Paul’s campaign being put on a “List” at the USPS.
      Contributions made to his campaign were destroyed by orders of DHS. Rand’s donors were also put on this list.

      Who had his campaign put on this list? That would be former Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano.

      After talking with our Attorneys he and his father were bugged by DHS.

      Prior to the meeting with the Paul’s and our attorneys, one of our attorneys was stopped and detained by TSA after coming home from New York after a meeting with Roger Ailes.

      We later found out that our attorney had been bugged by DHS.

      Do you remember in 2012 when it made headlines that Rand Paul was stopped and detained by TSA? Rand was bugged at that point by DHS.

      Our attorneys contacted Rand Paul about the bug that was found on one of them after being detained. Our attorneys sent FBI agents to Rand
      and they found the same bug on him that was placed on our attorney. Rand then told our attorneys that his dad had also been detained by TSA, but it
      didn’t make headlines. FBI also found a bug on Ron Paul as well, the same type of bug.

      After seeing the evidence that our Attorneys provided, Rand and Ron did nothing.

      Rand and Ron were both bugged by DHS and did nothing.

      What makes you think Rand will do anything to protect the American people’s privacy when he didn’t do anything when his was violated?

      Rand hasn’t answered any of our questions directly or indirectly. Do you honestly think we aren’t paying attention?

      Bottom line, if Rand had stood by his word and blown this up and exposed the corruption going on at DHS, there wouldn’t be anyone who could come close to Rand as far as winning the Presidential election

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