Posted in Kentucky

A Shameful Act….

Some of you all might not know, but last week our community lost one of it’s finest.


On Wednesday November 4th Police Officer Daniel Ellis was shot while investigating a report of an armed robbery.

Officer Ellis died two days later as a result of his injuries.

The way our community has come together during this time is something I’ve never seen before.

Officer Ellis’s funeral was attended by more than 9,000 people.

His funeral procession went for 100 miles.

His funeral procession was 12 miles long consisting of over 400 vehicles.


I’m not normally a fan of public shaming, but sometimes its necessary. Below are screen shots from an individual’s facebook account. These are screen shots of her pictures and what she said that was so incredibly shameful.

I’m ashamed and offended we have this kind of ignorance in our community.

IMG_0242 IMG_0243











IMG_0245 IMG_0246











I hope and pray that our community stays strong. I hope that we continue to show support to the Ellis Family and the Richmond Police Department. I hope this senseless act opens our eyes to what’s going on in our society. Our men and women in blue risk their lives everyday to protect us and our communities. We need to support all of our police departments. #BlueLivesMatter


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