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Why so quiet Rand?

I’m sure some of you all have read articles about the how the USPS will now email your mail. If you haven’t, here is one of the many articles.

Written by Chris Smith from

Yes, that’s right, the United States Postal Service will now email your mail. No, it won’t open envelopes to scan the contents of written letters and violate your privacy in the process. But the postal service will scan the actual envelopes and mail the images to recipients if you so desire.

Before you cry foul, you should know that the USPS will photograph the letters and packages sent your way regardless of whether or not you want this new service. The company has been doing it for a while now, since 2013 in fact. Photographing letters and packages apparently help it sort out mail. At the same time, this kind of data can be passed along to law enforcement agencies in criminal investigations. The mail tracking program was created in 2001 after anthrax attacks killed two postal workers and three other people.

But, as Quartz reports, the USPS will only take pictures of the exterior front side of an envelope, leaving it otherwise intact. Customers will have to sign up for the service, at this link, so don’t expect automatic emails from the USPS. Furthermore, coverage is rather limited right now, so unless you live in one of the regions that’s already covered, you’ll have to wait for the service to expand.

This new USPS product, called Informed Delivery, has been available in seven Northern Virginia zip codes since 2014, and now it’s coming to the New York City metro area. More markets will receive it next year.

With Informed Delivery enabled, your biggest concern other than privacy may be having your email account spammed by pictures of actual spam mail instead of just spam email. That’s something you should really consider before signing up, though USPS will send out these photo emails just once every morning.

People should pay attention to what is being said and what’s not being said.

No, it won’t open envelopes to scan the contents of written letters and violate your privacy in the process.

Think about that statement. They didn’t say they can’t “Scan the content of written letters”. They are saying they won’t open the envelopes to do so.  

They are only telling people half truths. They are keeping the full capabilities quiet. This is a DHS Program.

Rand Paul has known about this program and its full capabilities since January of 2012. We are the ones who brought the program to his and his father’s attention. 

What did Rand Do? Not a damn thing. He sat on this information for a year before we decided to disclose what we knew about it in Feb. of 2013 on this blog.

Here are the post if you’d like to go back and read.

Did you know? USPS Edition

Small Update: Did you know?

Update #2: Did you know?

The List

Why does Rand Paul go on and on about metadata and NSA, but doesn’t say anything about this DHS program?

We were right about what’s been going on at the USPS under DHS.

What else are we right about?

What else is Rand Paul not telling his supporters and the American people?

I would personally love for Rand Paul to come after us and dispute everything we’ve said, but he won’t. He’s gone too far trying to convince the American people he will support and fight for all of our rights. It would be political suicide for him to admit having knowledge of other programs that are more intrusive than the metadata NSA was collecting.

Think about it.


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