For over four years, my wife and I have been fighting against injustice brought on by “Big Business” and “Big Government”. We’ve been fighting very quietly in Federal Court in Indianapolis as well as Washington D.C.   Even after receiving an Executive Order of Protection from the President of the United States and winning every lawsuit we’ve brought forward, the harassment, fraud, and corruption have continued.

We have tried several times over the years to get our stories out into the Media. We’ve tried local as well as national. After showing our evidence to several outlets a few things became abundantly clear. They were shocked and in disbelief of what all we’ve been through and wouldn’t have believed it if they hadn’t seen the evidence for themselves.

So why hasn’t any media outlet picked up our stories?  They are scared of the people behind our harassment. It’s difficult and understandably so finding journalist who will write a story when their lives or families lives have been threatened.

We now know the Government harassment and problems we’ve had with various Big Businesses are connected.

The days of private lawsuits and remaining quiet are over.  This site will be used as a platform in hopes to bring awareness and discussion to what we’ve gone through over the last 4+ years.

At some point we realize it may become necessary for our real identity to be revealed; however, at this time the FBI recommends we keep that information private until warranted.


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  1. Good Luck; Though it appears I am perhaps too late? LOL
    I doubt you have completed your mission yet. I applaud your effort to fight the big corps. I support anyone who fights big business. I am what could best be described as a Social Democrat although that party is a mere shadow. That’s ok. I am sure if it became a force to reckon with it would also become corrupt. I have no real faith in any party.
    Anyway I will root around in here and see what other gems I can find. Stop by if you like.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post on the rise of the libertarians.
    I wish you all the best in your fight. I’ve been trying my whole life and it still seems like I’m getting nowhere. We all need to stick together and understand we are all fighting the same enemy. They have done great with the divide and conquer tactics, all these party labels, etc. but once people realize we are all on the same side, we’ll finally start making some progress.
    Good luck!!

    1. No we haven’t. We’ve got all the legal help we need. Now we just need media and journalist to cover what’s been doing on with us. Unfortunately we’ve run into several outlets who’ve ended up being intimidated by the person(s)responsible for everything we’ve been through.

      1. That’s what we want to find out. Last year we knew that an email was sent to Apple and Ford from the Govt. Agency that’s been illegally harassing us. In the email it asked to verify information and provided a link. When the link was clicked, it attached “something” to our stock account with each of these companies that prevented checks from being issued.

        We had closed the account that was used to purchase the stock from Apple and Ford a while back because we knew the account had been tampered with. The same Govt. Agency that’s been harassing us made it to where we could receive monies into our accounts, but monies could never leave.

        Because of our issues with the accounts, the Federal order for our dividends was to be paid in cash.

        Maybe Tim Cook and Alan Mulally are afraid of the repercussions from this Govt. Agency if they pay our dividend. I’m sure the Federal Judge would like to hear why his order was defied as would we.

  3. Wow, God Speed! What a great justice you are doing for your fellow Americans, thank you! Thank you for stopping by to read my blog and liking. Many blessings.

  4. Thanks for liking my post “This Reminds Me of Santa’s Workshop.” Seems like you are going through something awful. I look forward to read more about your fight.

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