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The Wife’s Perspective

We Are Done from the Wife’s Point of View…

If you have read my husband’s post WE ARE DONE, then you know what lead up to him saying we are done. While I don’t disagree with his post, my views are a little different.

The last 8 years of this journey have completely drained me. When this all started, I was the only one dealing with the attorneys, the FBI, the cops, the clerks at the courthouse. I didn’t know the “right” things to ask, and I was more “trusting” back then. If someone said that they would do something or take care of it, I believed them. I have learned that the only way to get anything done is to do it yourself. However, that isn’t always possible when dealing with the FBI, attorneys, etc.

To say that my family has suffered in the last 8 years would not be a lie. I felt that my job was to handle all of this, but not let it affect my kids in a negative capacity. I didn’t want this ordeal to be their burden, they would hear conversations and get scared sometimes. I decided that all conversations would have to be away from the kids, so then it seemed like we were never around them. We were always behind a closed door talking. Have my kids been left out, YES. Did we waste valuable time that could have been spent with our kids on this stupidity, YES? Did we become so worried about who was watching us that we didn’t allow our kids a “normal” childhood, YES? Do we still continue to look over our shoulder, YES?

My marriage has suffered as well. The constant let down, that once again a settlement date would not be coming. The mailed check couldn’t get here, then UPS and FedEx, then the private courier service couldn’t deliver. None of this making any sense to us, we could order from amazon and get those packages. Another fight between us, I didn’t always show my disappointment, well, I felt that it was my job to stay positive and not allow this to get to me. Does he know that almost every day I cry while in the shower, well he will after he reads this post? He would get so lost in making plans for what we would do with the money when it finally came in, it was almost too much for me. I was excited for about the first year, then after the excuses and crazy things happening, I decided I would wait to get really excited, I still have my dreams of what I want to do, and one day I hope to be able to fulfill those dreams. I have always had trust issues in my life, and they aren’t any better now. I can’t even allow my husband the freedom to converse with those of you who have reached out to him without feeling threatened. I have this overwhelming fear that he will leave me because of everything we have been through, everything I have put him through, because after all, this all started because of the monster I was married to before. How can he not blame me? And he has told me that he does.. How can he look at me and not see the pain and disappointment I have caused him? Can we go back to being a couple that trusts and loves each other unconditionally…. I really truly hope so.

See this whole thing started because of my ex-husband, he stole my identity and used it to finance his new life. He was a convicted felon allowed to work at Senex Services in the collection recovery department. He used their resources illegally to find me. I had to take my children and leave because he had molested my oldest daughter. Throughout the court process he said under oath that he used my social security number at his job to find me. It took a little time to process what he said, but it finally clicked. I ordered a credit report, and then contacted the sheriff department. I was told that this was a case for the FBI. Once they were contacted, it took several months before an arrest, and then this whole situation started. Senex Services was at fault and facing a lawsuit by me because they allowed a felon to work there. It is against the law for a person with a felony to work in the financial industry, let alone a collection agency. Their sister and parent companies also allowed this, so our attorney went to court and filed some motions, and next thing we knew, this was so much bigger than we expected. We were supposed to receive a settlement check via our attorney on May 4, 2007. Of course, that didn’t happen or you wouldn’t be here reading this blog. That was the beginning of all the disappointments, arguments and tears that would be caused by someone who likes to play games with people’s lives. Well, as we have said before. WE are done.

I wish that we would have reached this “Done” point long before now. Even though we are done, and don’t plan to go back to this life. There are still other things to wrap up. You can’t just go back to normal after facing something like this for 8 years. I don’t think that what we once thought was normal could ever be the same. There are so many things you can’t just shut off. The damage that has been done, cannot be undone. You can’t forget the things you learned along the way, things you honestly wish that you didn’t have to know about our country, the people we choose to lead, the absolute corruptness of the “legal” system.

I question whether or not my marriage will survive the losses. I wonder how my kids will remember this time in our lives, will they hate me???? How do you just go back to how things were before, before the hopes and dreams of being financially independent? How do you function when there is still so much anger and heartache? How do you explain your feelings when you don’t even know what exactly you feel? How long will I feel numb, how much longer do I have to swim through the mud of our lives?

I know that the question was out there about whether or not we are really done, how can we not be? How could we continue on this path of constant disappointment and let downs?

My only hope is that we can one day get back to some sort of normalcy again in our family.

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It’s True!!!

A few days ago, one of our attorneys received and inquiry about my last blog post “We’re Done”, asking if it was true.

I’ll try to use small words and make this as clear as I possibly can.


We have no plans now or in the future of pursuing any of this again.

We want the lives back we had before all of this.

To the person who inquired about this.

You are no better than your predecessor. You’re an empty suit who lacks the ethics and integrity to do what’s right. A man without a moral compass. Simply put, you’re a lying sack of shit.

Have a nice day 🙂

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We’re Done!!!

I apologize for leaving this blog up in the air and not publishing anything in the last 16 months.

My Family has gone through a lot in the last 16 months that’s kept me away.

In late 2013 my Dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer at the age of 65. The cancer had metastasized to his liver and lungs. He was given 9 to 12 months if he chose to do nothing and 12 to 18 months with chemo treatments.

He elected to proceed with chemotherapy. He went through six rounds of chemotherapy and had a new CT scan done. All the lesions had shrunk by 50%, we were very optimistic. His oncologist wanted him to have four more treatments and then another CT scan. His last scan showed that the mass in his lung had gone back to its original size from the beginning. This was like a punch in the gut.

The oncologist told us this meant his current treatment plan was no longer effective. He gave my dad another treatment plan and told him that the side effects would be even more severe than his first plan. He was advised to think about it and talk it over with his family.

I knew at that moment what my Dad’s decision would be and I would have to come to peace with it. He went through HELL during his first treatment plan and his quality of life was next to nothing. Other than taking him to doctor’s appointments, we really couldn’t get him out of the house.

He decided to end his treatment plan and live what little life he had left to the best of his ability.

We were able to enjoy one last Thanksgiving and one last Christmas with him. He knew these holidays would be his last.

In early January of this year we had my dad taken to the ER. He seemed to have a lot of confusion going on and just didn’t look right. He was admitted to the hospital and we found out a day later that he was going through liver and renal failure. He was admitted to ICU and was no longer communicative. We knew this was it, he was going to die. Somehow my Dad managed to hang on for a week. My Dad passed away on January 16th of this year.

During the week that we sat with him in ICU, I just couldn’t get over the anger I had in me. Here he knew about our settlements and didn’t get to experience the spoils of them. I kept thinking, IF we would’ve had access to our money, could I have gotten him better care instead of the care he received on Medicare?

The anger was getting stronger. At the time I was thinking to myself that I was going to make EVERYONE pay that played a role in our situation for the last 7 to 8 years in one way or another.

During my grieving process I did some reflecting. This money, that we had no access to, has changed our lives and not for the better. I got to the point where I was obsessed with finding out who was behind all of this. It was causing problems in my family life. I had two girls that were growing up and I was missing out on so much of their lives by not being able to enjoy it.

Instead of really helping my Dad grow his business throughout these years I was fixated on our money or lack thereof. Fixated on what businesses I wanted to create or what I wanted to bring to Kentucky.

The fixation has ended, we’ve decided to end this burden that has consumed our lives. Our family, extended family and friends are the only things that matter to us.

We have realized because of the program that is linked to our Social Security numbers, we will NEVER have access to our money. This program will not allow us to deposit checks or transfer money from anything that was linked to our settlements.

We own 7 million shares of Apple (AAPL) stock that we CANNOT sell or collect dividends on because of this program. That’s a value of about $925 million dollars depending on the daily stock price. We are owed about $37 million in unpaid dividends.

We own 1 million shares of Ford (F) stock that we CANNOT sell or collect dividends on because of this program. That’s a value of about $15 million dollars. We are owed about $1.4 million in unpaid dividends.

We own 750 thousand share of Community Trust Bancorp (CTBI) stock that we CANNOT sell or collect dividends on because of this program. That’s a value of about $24.8 million dollars.

We were able to purchase the stocks above midway through 2010 before the program was attached to us.

We have received settlements over the years from the following;

Senex Financial

LPL Financial


Lincoln Financial



All of these settlements are locked up in this program that is attached to us.

Most people will probably think we are crazy walking away from all of this. We know there is no end in sight and we are tired. We want nothing more than to have our lives back that we had before all of the settlements. If we could send all of the settlements back we would, but unfortunately because of the program those monies are locked up forever.

There are a few people we would like to thank for their help over the years.

Our Attorneys in D.C and Indiana. They spent hundreds of hours trying to help us. They were harassed to the levels you would never think would happen in the United States, driving one of our attorneys to his death. Thank you Jonathan, John, Karen, Bob and Steven (may you rest in peace).

The Federal agents who spent hundreds if not thousands of hours helping us and keeping us safe. You know who you are.

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller. Thank you for putting us under the protection of the FBI and keeping us safe for all of these years. You and your agents did everything you could. Unfortunately because of who was behind all the actions, you all would always be outnumbered and out funded.

President Obama. Thank you for giving us our executive order from harassment by any Government employee or Agency. Your order helped catch a number of the people responsible. Unfortunately, every person that was picked up was replaced by another. A revolving door that would never end.

The Blog followers. Thank you for reading and being interested in what was going on in our lives even though I was cryptic about who we were and who was behind all of it.

We would like to apologize to the state of Kentucky and its citizens. We were hoping that we could address a number of problems in the state.

From the beginning I promised the followers of this blog that I would tell you who was responsible for all of our problems. I will follow through with that promise.

The Department of Homeland Security was behind all of this. DHS conspired with the USPS, UPS and FedEx. To this day, our mail is still put through scanners at USPS sorting centers. All of our packages that go through UPS and FedEx are scanned. Anything that would be sent from our Attorneys or even from the D.C. area is handed over to DHS.

We can’t even give you the exact number of DHS agents that were picked up by the FBI, somewhere between 25 and 50. Something that surprised us, most if not all of those DHS agents “Thought” they had immunity from doing anything illegal. During one of the FBI raids, they found a room dedicated to us and our legal team. Photographs of us, our children, our daily routines and those of our legal team and family. No telling how many hundreds of DHS agents were a part of this.

Why was DHS behind all of this? To this day, we still don’t know the reason why.

New Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson vows he will clean up DHS. We aren’t holding our breath.

To the person or persons behind this “Game”.


We aren’t playing anymore.

We are at peace with walking away from EVERYTHING.

What will we do now?

We plan of making sure my Dad’s business lives on and continues to grow.

We plan on enjoying our daughters Senior and sophomore years in High School.

We plan on enjoying being the simple people we were before all of this.

We plan on enjoying our lives.

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Attention Followers!!!

To the person who tried to ask President Obama a question last week regarding our blog.

We would like to talk with you.

Please use the Contact page and leave your information as to how we might be able to get a hold of you.  This information goes directly to us and won’t be on display for the public.

If you’d rather contact us through twitter, feel free to DM us @AMeansstotheend

Thank you

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Parents Beware!!!

We had a few incidents happen over the last week that I wanted to share with Parents.

Concerning the iphone/ipad:


As Parents, we are under the impression that using the restriction functions on mobile devices will prevent our children from hearing or seeing content we feel is inappropriate. BOY WERE WE WRONG!!! Simply turning off Safari doesn’t mean that your kids can’t still access the internet. We found out by allowing our daughter to have access to the Facebook app, she was still able to access the internet by clicking on the “ad choices” logo often found in Google ads just like the ad below.


Ad choices

Clicking it will take you to a Google search screen which allows your child to access whatever they want, without content restrictions through the App.  By going through the App, parents have no way of knowing what their child has been doing on the internet.  These Google ads are often found on the free apps that you or your children download to their devices.  Our attorney did contact a developer with Apple, he was unaware of this backdoor around the restrictions found on Apple devices.  He said there wasn’t anything Apple could do, this was an issue with Google.


Parents need to be aware of the ads found on some of the free apps. These ads appear to be random and don’t always show up in the same apps.


The other thing we would like to warn parents about is the website/app Wattpad. This site is used as a social media channel for people to read, chat, and vote with readers and writers. When I first looked into this app, I saw that you had to put ratings on the stories written G, PG, PG13, R, etc…


Let me start off by saying that not everyone on this site is on there for criminal or sexual reasons, however we found out that several are.

BEWARE of who you follow, they might be acting as a 17 year old guy, but in reality is a 37 year old con artist acting with a group of con artists raking in money from the parents credit cards or cash they told you they needed.  After a little bit of digging around the site we found 5 or 6 different profiles with the same guy pictured in them.


When we contacted  the FBI, they were able to use facial recognition software that found 62 profiles with the same person pictured. We then found out there was a group of 3 males and 1 female working together. We have been told that the amount of money they would bring in was about $100,000 a day. They had several computers, cell phones and white boards with victims names, schedules, where they told the victim they worked, the age, name they gave themselves and any other information needed to keep the con going.


We have been told there are other sites they were using as well. If your child/teenager has access to any kind of social media outlet please make sure they aren’t being scammed. This was a hard lesson for our daughter to learn. She has heard of this happening to other people, but never thought that this could happen to her. We were fortunate that they hadn’t been “talking” for too long. These people were smart, they took the time to get to know the person before asking for help.


Besides all the bad people, many stories on this site are disgusting and the rating system is extremely flawed. One story I started to read was pretty much a step by step instruction guide for sex, which had a G Rating.


This isn’t our typical blog posting, but we felt it necessary to warn other parents about some dangers they might not be aware of.


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The Meanss Scandal

In light of all the talk and media coverage of the latest scandals under the Obama Administration, I feel it’s necessary to write a little bit about what “Our Scandal” covers.

In no way am I trying to demean the Benghazi, IRS, or Fast & Furious Scandals. Fast & Furious and Benghazi were horrible and preventable tragedies that took the lives of American citizens. The IRS scandal is a different animal. This scandal shows what too much power and a corrupt Administration can really do. And make no mistake about it, this goes all the way to the very top.

I’m sure there are many adjectives most Americans would use to describe the above scandals. I can tell you one thing though, you haven’t seen or heard ANYTHING YET.

Not only does our scandal cover what has happened to us over the last 4+ years, it also covers information that led to the discovery of more corruption and illegal activity going on in Washington D.C.  Making this potentially one of the biggest Scandals in our history.

What “Our Scandal” covers:

  • Us being harassed by a member of President Obama’s Administration.
  • A gag order preventing us to talk about certain things, which a Former White House Press Secretary initiated, under President Obama’s orders.
  • People died during “Our Scandal”
  • An Executive Order of Protection that’s being continuously violated by a member of President Obama’s Administration.
  • A theft of our funds by a member of President Obama’s Administration.
  • Illegally bugging us and/or our representation by a member of President Obama’s Administration.
  • A member of President Obama’s Administration ordered the monitoring of our phone calls and reading of our text messages when we had AT&T as our carrier. (This was a targeted monitoring unlike what’s been in the media lately)
  • Ordering surveillance of Us, Our Attorneys, and FBI agents protecting us by a member of President Obama’s Administration.
  • Ordering surveillance of John Stossel and his assistant by a member of President Obama’s Administration.
  • Bugging the offices of Directors of other Government agencies by a member of President Obama’s Administration.
  • Ordering the illegal interfering or destruction of mail by a member of President Obama’s Administration.
  • Several acts of threatening and intimidation by a member of President Obama’s Administration.
  • Engaging in illegal acts to purchase Guns & Drugs for the purpose of harming U.S. citizens by a member of President Obama’s Administration.
  • Engaging in Racketeering by a member of President Obama’s Administration.
  • A member of President Obama’s Administration had an individual develop powerful software that even the likes of NSA had never seen before. This software is what allowed the “theft” of our funds and could potentially do the same to anyone they wanted without them, a bank, or a financial institution knowing.
  • A member of President Obama’s Administration engaging in “relations” with individuals who aren’t friendly with the United States.
  • Engaging in Blackmail/Extortion by a member of President Obama’s Administration.
  • In 2009, we received Federal Tax exemption through 2012 by President Obama for interest lost during our harassment.
  • In 2010, we received an extension of our Federal Tax exemption through 2015 by President Obama, because the harassment continued.
  • In 2012 prior to the election, we received another extension of our Federal Tax exemption through 2045 by President Obama, because he was given overwhelming evidence that it was a member of his Administration that was behind the harassment all along.  (We never asked for the Tax exemption extensions. We just wanted access to our funds period.)
  • After the election, President Obama requested the resignation of the member of his Administration that was behind our harassment. That person declined and is still in power today.
  • Secret email accounts ( which has been in the news recently)
  • Infidelity
  • An infestation in Washington D.C. that this Country has never seen.

Most of what “Our Scandal” covers involves us, but as you can see by some of the other items listed, we unintentionally opened Pandora’s Box.

Let’s see what 800 Blog Followers and 2300+ Twitter followers can do.
I ask that you spread the word of “Our Scandal” by retweeting (#TheMeanssScandal) and reblogging. Feel free to call out Senator Rand Paul and former Representative Ron Paul. These two individuals gave “their Word” they’d help us. It’s been over 18 months and they’ve done absolutely nothing. Please hold Rand Paul and Ron Paul accountable to their word.



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I apologize for not posting anything in the last 2 weeks. We are having some remodeling done in our house and unfortunately I’ve had limited internet access.

Hopefully by mid week everything will be back to normal.

I plan on blogging about the following this upcoming week:

  • What’s going on with Apple
  • Another lawsuit, another court ordered sale of stock, and another court ordered payment of dividends
  • A little rant about a couple of politicians who gave their word they’d help us
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Why “A Meanss to the End”?

I’ve been asked several times about the title of the blog and what it means because of the “ss”.

“Meanss” is an Anagram for our last name. This wasn’t an Anagram that we gave ourselves.

Through various Federal Investigations, it was discovered that “Meanss” was the code word used in reference to us. It was used and is currently used by the person(s) responsible for the harassment and illegal actions that we’ve endured over the last 4+ years.

“A Meanss to the End” is a double entendre.

(1) Everyone who has helped us along the way has become a member of our extended family. If any of these people ever need our help with anything, we will be there for them. They are a member of our family til the end, “A Meanss to the End”

(2) We are “THE” means to the end of the corruption we’ve come across.

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The Week of May 6th

During this upcoming week, I will post about the following subjects:

  • Why “A Meanss to the End” is the name of the blog
  • Our Executive Order of Protection
  • The latest balance for JPMorgan Chase & Jamie Dimon
  • A new lawsuit we will be filing
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Our First Lawsuit Since The Start Of This Blog

Holding to my word when I started this blog, the days of private lawsuits are over. 

Every company/person will be held accountable for their actions.

A court ordered deadline passed at the close of business yesterday April 2nd against a company we’ve had a few problems with.  Because of this deadline being ignored, we will proceed with filing suit against this company. I will be writing about this company today and hopefully will be able to post something later this evening or tomorrow morning.