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Why so quiet Rand?

I’m sure some of you all have read articles about the how the USPS will now email your mail. If you haven’t, here is one of the many articles.

Written by Chris Smith from

Yes, that’s right, the United States Postal Service will now email your mail. No, it won’t open envelopes to scan the contents of written letters and violate your privacy in the process. But the postal service will scan the actual envelopes and mail the images to recipients if you so desire.

Before you cry foul, you should know that the USPS will photograph the letters and packages sent your way regardless of whether or not you want this new service. The company has been doing it for a while now, since 2013 in fact. Photographing letters and packages apparently help it sort out mail. At the same time, this kind of data can be passed along to law enforcement agencies in criminal investigations. The mail tracking program was created in 2001 after anthrax attacks killed two postal workers and three other people.

But, as Quartz reports, the USPS will only take pictures of the exterior front side of an envelope, leaving it otherwise intact. Customers will have to sign up for the service, at this link, so don’t expect automatic emails from the USPS. Furthermore, coverage is rather limited right now, so unless you live in one of the regions that’s already covered, you’ll have to wait for the service to expand.

This new USPS product, called Informed Delivery, has been available in seven Northern Virginia zip codes since 2014, and now it’s coming to the New York City metro area. More markets will receive it next year.

With Informed Delivery enabled, your biggest concern other than privacy may be having your email account spammed by pictures of actual spam mail instead of just spam email. That’s something you should really consider before signing up, though USPS will send out these photo emails just once every morning.

People should pay attention to what is being said and what’s not being said.

No, it won’t open envelopes to scan the contents of written letters and violate your privacy in the process.

Think about that statement. They didn’t say they can’t “Scan the content of written letters”. They are saying they won’t open the envelopes to do so.  

They are only telling people half truths. They are keeping the full capabilities quiet. This is a DHS Program.

Rand Paul has known about this program and its full capabilities since January of 2012. We are the ones who brought the program to his and his father’s attention. 

What did Rand Do? Not a damn thing. He sat on this information for a year before we decided to disclose what we knew about it in Feb. of 2013 on this blog.

Here are the post if you’d like to go back and read.

Did you know? USPS Edition

Small Update: Did you know?

Update #2: Did you know?

The List

Why does Rand Paul go on and on about metadata and NSA, but doesn’t say anything about this DHS program?

We were right about what’s been going on at the USPS under DHS.

What else are we right about?

What else is Rand Paul not telling his supporters and the American people?

I would personally love for Rand Paul to come after us and dispute everything we’ve said, but he won’t. He’s gone too far trying to convince the American people he will support and fight for all of our rights. It would be political suicide for him to admit having knowledge of other programs that are more intrusive than the metadata NSA was collecting.

Think about it.

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A Shameful Act….

Some of you all might not know, but last week our community lost one of it’s finest.


On Wednesday November 4th Police Officer Daniel Ellis was shot while investigating a report of an armed robbery.

Officer Ellis died two days later as a result of his injuries.

The way our community has come together during this time is something I’ve never seen before.

Officer Ellis’s funeral was attended by more than 9,000 people.

His funeral procession went for 100 miles.

His funeral procession was 12 miles long consisting of over 400 vehicles.


I’m not normally a fan of public shaming, but sometimes its necessary. Below are screen shots from an individual’s facebook account. These are screen shots of her pictures and what she said that was so incredibly shameful.

I’m ashamed and offended we have this kind of ignorance in our community.

IMG_0242 IMG_0243











IMG_0245 IMG_0246











I hope and pray that our community stays strong. I hope that we continue to show support to the Ellis Family and the Richmond Police Department. I hope this senseless act opens our eyes to what’s going on in our society. Our men and women in blue risk their lives everyday to protect us and our communities. We need to support all of our police departments. #BlueLivesMatter

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A Message from Senator Rand Paul’s Attorney

One of our Federal Attorneys did speak with an Attorney out of D.C. representing Senator Rand Paul earlier today.

It was explained to Rand’s attorney the purpose of releasing the taped conversations was to show that Senator Rand Paul WAS NOT a man of his word.  It just so happens there were other things said during these conversations that could make Rand and Ron Paul look bad.

Rand’s attorney is pretty much saying that our Attorney didn’t have consent to tape the conversations that took place between our Attorneys and both Rand and Ron Paul.

Our Attorney told him during the first conversation, Rand and Ron Paul are both on tape consenting to have the conversation recorded.

The second conversation in question was between Ron Paul and one of our Attorneys. At the time of the conversation our Attorney was in a (one party) State. Meaning, only one side had to know the conversation was being recorded.

I’m sure many of you all are wondering what was said that could possibly be damaging.  I’m not going to reveal the expletives yet. Senator Rand Paul’s attorney doesn’t care if the tapes were recorded legally. In fact, Senator Rand Paul’s attorney has Threatened to” Shut us Down” if we or our Attorneys release the taped conversations.


The purpose of my blog is to bring awareness and discussion to what we’ve been through over the years. Having my blog shut down defeats that purpose. For now, the taped conversations aren’t going to be released on here. However, our Attorneys are working on providing us with the transcripts of those conversations so we can post on the blog. 😉


After seeing Rand and Ron’s true colors, it saddens and angers me to know that these two ” so called constitutionalist” have so many people fooled. Unfortunately, I was one of those fools.


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Trying to…Shut Us Up!!!

It appears that Senator Rand Paul and former Representative Ron Paul are trying to shut us up and keep us from releasing taped conversations. There are two different conversations they are trying to keep us from releasing that could be very damaging to both Rand and Ron.

Our Attorney is suppose to be in contact with Rand Paul’s attorney on Monday. I’ve been asked by our Attorney to hold off posting specifics until after that conversation takes place.

It seems like Senator Rand Paul is a bit concerned and rightfully so.


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A Score to Settle

It was brought to my attention from one of our Twitter followers that my recent posts concerning Rand and Ron Paul might come off as me having a score to settle with them.

I assure you, there is no score to settle with either of these men. We are simply demanding accountability. If you give someone your word that you will do anything you can to help, then that’s what you do.

When our Attorneys first met with the Paul’s and they gave us their word, we felt a huge weight lifted off our shoulders. We thought, finally someone who stands for the  Constitution, someone with a backbone, someone from our own state, someone we helped put into office is going to stand up for us. That meant the world to us.

Imagine our disbelief when month after month went by and we were still being harassed. Senator Paul and Representative Paul hadn’t done anything to help.

It’s been 18 months since that conversation took place with our attorneys.

We would love nothing more than to see Senator Paul stand by his word. If Senator Paul would do this, then all would be forgiven. We would forgive Senator Paul for allowing us to continue to be harassed and continue to support him.

What do you say Senator Paul?

The ball is in your court Senator, but the lights aren’t on forever.


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A Forum for Senator Rand Paul

This post is specifically for Senator Rand Paul.

Sen. Paul,

When you and your father met with our Attorneys in January of 2012, you both gave our Attorneys “Your Word” that you’d do anything you could to help us.
You told us that if we could get Fox News or the Daily Caller to interview you all on the subject, you’d be more than happy to talk about it on air or give a statement.

You also knew that was the biggest problem we’d faced, getting a media outlet to cover our story. You acted like you all needed us to create the forum for you all to talk about our story and the harassment we’d endured at the hands of a Federal Agency. As I stated in the “Calling Out” post that really never made much sense to my wife and I.

You are a Senator for OUR state and your father, a member of the House of Representatives, was running for President of the United States. Yet you all needed us to provide a forum?


I see you on the news talking about NSA, Benghazi, the IRS, etc. and yet you can’t talk about a scandal that is probably bigger than all three of those combined?
What’s your excuse Senator?

Are you frightened by the information and evidence that you were shown?
Are you scared of the person responsible for the harassment we’ve been through?

Are you afraid of the person who was responsible for bugging you and your father?

Does the person responsible for our harassment have something on you or your father?

You’ve shown at least in public, you aren’t afraid to speak out on anything, even if it means going against your own party.

Please tell me, why in over 18 months neither you nor your dad hasn’t lifted one finger to help us???

I know you really don’t think too much of the NSA and FBI right now considering the recent revelation of the data collecting program. I know other Americans feel this infringes on their rights, but my family and I have no problem with either of these agencies collecting information on us personally. In fact we gave them permission to access any information they wanted on us.

You see, these are the only two Agencies that have shown they give a damn about what’s been going on with us. The FBI has been helping and protecting us from Day 1 and I really don’t think they will ever understand how much we appreciate all they’ve done for us. The NSA has been helping us for almost a year now and they’ve been able to take this investigation to another level with all their resources.
The Federal Agency that’s been targeting us is the one who has been doing all the things that you are complaining about and what the general public fears.


  • They have been bugging phones and recording conversations.
  • They have been bugging houses, indoors and outdoors recording conversations.
  • They have been accessing our text messaging.
  • They have been following us.
  • They have been following our children.
  • They have been photographing us.
  • They have been photographing our children.
  • They have been bugging our attorneys.
  • They have been following our attorneys.
  • They have been bugging our friend’s phones.
  • They have been accessing our friend’s text messages.
  • They have been bugging you Senator Paul.
  • They have been bugging your father, Ron Paul
  • They have been bugging our local media.
  • They have been bugging the National Media we’ve gone to.
  • They have been bugging the FBI that’s been helping us.
  • They have been following the FBI that’s been helping us.
  • They have been bugging all the companies we’ve had problems with.
  • They have been scanning and reading our mail.
  • They have been destroying our mail.

You wanted a forum Senator?

Here is your forum, my blog. You can use our contact page to write a response and I will post your column on the blog.

I realize if you are viewing the blog from a mobile device it might be difficult to find the Contact Page, so I will help you out with a link.

Contact Page

I know our Attorneys talked to you about all the things we wanted to do for Kentucky, all the companies we wanted to start. I know you were either shown financial information or told how much we have sitting in our account. You know what we are capable of.

Help us move on with our lives by ending this harassment once and for all. Allow us to help the residents of Kentucky by creating thousands of jobs for the state.

If you are a man of integrity then step up and follow through on “Your Word”.

#StandbyyourWord Senator Rand Paul


The Kentucky Family You Turned Your Back On


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Calling Out

I realize this rant might cause me to lose some blog and twitter followers that might be die hard supporters of the politicians that I’m going to address. However, I’ve gotten to the point where I can no longer contain my frustration.

My opinions in this post come from candid conversations that took place between our attorneys and these particular politicians.

Needless to say, I’m extremely disappointed in two politicians who gave us their “Word” they’d help us.

Who are these politicians?

Senator Rand Paul “Mr. Constitution” and his father former Representative Ron Paul.

What makes this a little more frustrating for us is that my wife and I voted for Rand Paul, we are his constituents.

In early January of 2012 Senator Rand Paul and Representative Ron Paul were contacted by our attorneys.

They were brought up to speed about what had been going on with us, the corruption we’d found and the harassment we’ve endured.

At that time it was also brought to Senator Rand Paul’s attention about finding his Campaign on the “List” at the USPS sorting center in Lexington, Ky. He told our attorneys about a couple of supporters who contacted him wanting to know why their checks hadn’t cleared. He ended up meeting those supporters in person where new checks were issued. Our attorney’s confirmed with him the names of the supporters that he met with in person. Copies of those checks were found on the scanner that I talked about in previous posts, but never forwarded to the Rand Paul Campaign.

Even though Senator Paul’s campaign was targeted, he appeared more upset about the harassment we’d been through. 

Senator Rand Paul and his father gave our Attorney’s their “Word” they’d do anything to help us.

In February 2012, it was discovered by FBI that one of our attorney’s had been bugged. It was a “Blue Pen” with a listening device built in. We all thought back to when this could’ve happened.

In December of 2011 our Attorney had met with Fox News CEO Roger Ailes. Roger Ailes flew our attorney on a private plane from D.C. to New York City.

When it was time to return to D.C., the private plane was being used so our Attorney flew on a commercial flight. Before boarding the flight, our Federal Attorney was detained by TSA/DHS for a period of time. Our Attorney told the Agents he had an Executive Order in his briefcase against any kind of government harassment. They read the order, his personal items were returned to him and he was soon on his way back to D.C.

This was the only time that our Attorney’s briefcase was out of his sight and the only time that a bug could’ve been planted.

This meant that every conversation our Attorney had with anyone where his brief case was present could’ve been recorded, including the conversation with Senator Rand Paul and Representative Ron Paul.

FBI was sent to the locations of Senator Rand Paul as well as Representative Ron Paul. If my memory serves me correctly, Representative Ron Paul was on the Campaign trail for the 2012 Presidential election at the time.

Sure enough, “blue pens” just like the one found in our Attorney’s briefcase was found on Senator Rand Paul and Representative Ron Paul. They both seemed outraged that their privacy had been violated. Senator Rand Paul even commented to our Attorney that he even takes his briefcase into the bathroom with him.

When could’ve this happened?

Remember this incident on January 23rd?

Rand Paul stopped by TSA after body scan anomaly.

The story of Senator Rand Paul being detained by TSA made the news everywhere. We didn’t know this until Senator Rand Paul told our Attorneys, but a story that didn’t make the news was that Representative Ron Paul had also been detained by TSA shortly after their meeting with our Attorneys.

Was it a mere coincidence that our Attorney, Senator Paul, and Representative Paul who were all bugged had just recently been detained by TSA? One thing we’ve discovered over the last 4 years through all the investigations, THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES!!!

What we needed from Rand and Ron was for them to talk about our situation in public, on the air, etc.  For whatever reason, they needed us to create the forum for them to speak out about our harassment.

That really never made much sense to my wife and I. Here you have two members of Congress, one member running for President of the United States and WE needed to create a forum? That’s been our biggest problem, getting the media to cover our story.

A meeting in early January 2013 was initially set up with Senator Paul; however the meeting was cancelled due to his son’s arrest.

Our Attorneys have tried several times since to contact Senator Paul but to no avail.

Former Representative Ron Paul was able to meet with one of our Attorneys a couple of weeks ago. He told our Attorney he’d need to contact Rand. Ron was told that was the problem. Rand wasn’t returning any of their phone calls or messages.

Ron was reminded that he and Rand gave their “word” they’d help us. He didn’t remember such a thing and told our Attorney he wasn’t interested in helping his (our Attorney’s) political aspirations.  What?

I can assure you that none of our Attorneys have any political aspirations. The only aspirations our Attorneys have at this point in their lives are to unburden us from this unjust and unconstitutional harassment we’ve endured.

It’s been 18 months since you said you’d help us Senator Rand Paul.




How can we #StandwithRand, if Rand won’t #StandwithUS ???

How can we vote to re-elect you as Senator while you sit in silence as we continue to be harassed???

How can we even possibly think of voting for you for President of the United States knowing what you know and yet you do nothing???

I know where you’ve been Senator Rand Paul. You’ve been busy jumping on the bandwagon of any controversial story/issue/scandal that’s already been made public.

Here is a thought Senator Rand Paul. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon, how about hitching to the front of that wagon and bring awareness to a story/scandal that’s not in the public???

I’m calling you out Senator Rand Paul.   #StandbyyourWord

Please reblog and retweet, in hopes of getting the attention of Senator Rand Paul

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“The List”

What is this “List” and how do you get on it?

I would compare the USPS list to the “Do not fly” list that most, if not all people, are aware of because of the media.  However, the media has never talked about the USPS list, so very few know of its existence.

The USPS list probably had good intentions when it was created. However, as we’ve seen with the “Do not fly” list, it’s severely flawed. There are legitimate security reasons why a person may be put on this list, unfortunately as we’ve seen with other lists, innocent people suffer as well.  It’s come to our attention that a certain Government agency has used this USPS list for their own purposes, which include harassment and corruption for possibly their own political and financial gain.

How did we get on this list?

As of today, we still aren’t exactly sure why we were put on this list, but we do know who is responsible for putting us on it.  Keep in mind, we have an Executive order protecting us from this type of harassment and yet it’s still happening.

We didn’t realize we had a problem with the USPS until July of 2009.  During this time, our attorney in Indiana had tried numerous times to send us legal documents, checks, and other various items for our records.  Every time,  they came back to him with the response “return to sender”, “address doesn’t exist”, or “refused”.

He tried sending us mail through members of his family  as well as FBI agents who were working our case.  All of those mailings came back with the same responses he received, but there was one difference. The difference was how far the mailings got before it was sent back.  Sometimes it never made it out of Indianapolis, other times it went to Cincinnati, and a few times it made it to Lexington, KY, but never further. 

The FBI conducted investigations into the sorting centers in Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Lexington.  They discovered our names on a list in their system tagged as “return to sender”,  this mail was tagged to never reach its destination.  After a while, the FBI was able to remove our names from the list at the three locations.

Not wanting to deal with the USPS again,  we thought we’d use UPS and Fed Ex. We didn’t think there would be an issue at all since we were able to send a package of gifts to our attorney and his family for the holidays.  Our attorney in Indiana tried several times to send a package through UPS. Once again, every package was returned to him “REFUSED” or “Address didn’t exist”.  He tried to use one of Fed Ex’s envelopes to send documentation. This envelope went missing, it never got to us and he never received it back. Fed Ex was contacted and they said sometimes its easy for the envelopes to get lost, but they would look around and keep an eye out for it.  The envelope was never found.

We decided to have one of our Federal attorneys in Washington, D.C. try to send us documentation through Fed Ex.  Knowing what was said from Fed Ex about the the envelopes, he put everything into one of their thinner boxes and paid for it to be sent out. After a couple of days, nothing was showing up with the tracking information. He returned to the Fed Ex store and talked with the manager. The manager couldn’t find anything that was originally scanned in.  Once again, knowing something wasn’t right, the FBI was called in to investigate.

Luckily for the FBI, there was video surveillance at the Fed Ex store which made their job of finding out what happened easier.  After scanning through video to the time on the receipt, it was easy to see what happened. Minutes after our Federal attorney left the Fed Ex store, the woman who helped him, opened the box and pulled out the envelope inside. She proceeded to tear the envelope several times and throw it away.  Needless to say, she was arrested by the FBI.

After our recent problems with UPS and Fed Ex, the FBI conducted an investigation looking for lists similar to what they found at the USPS sorting centers. Nothing was ever found.

We really didn’t understand why we were having problems with UPS and Fed Ex, we receive packages from them all the time from various companies.

After failing to be able to send through UPS and Fed Ex, our Federal Attorney tried sending us mail through the USPS. He knew the FBI had found and taken care of the problem at the USPS.  He sent a couple of mailings, once again nothing every got to us and nothing was returned to the sender this time.  We had our CPA company as well as our Financial company also send us mailings, with the results being the same. We didn’t receive anything and they didn’t receive a return to sender.  It seems like all of this mail just went missing.

Fast forward to October 2011.

Our Federal attorneys were visiting a national news media company. We came up with an idea that we thought might work since we’ve never had problems receiving packages from companies. This news media company has their own merchandise store. Our attorney got several times from the store and told them he needed it to be shipped out like an online order and they had no problem doing so.  As they were packing the box, he handed them an envelope containing legal documents and checks.  The box was being shipped through UPS just as all their other online orders.

The box was tracked to Lexington, KY. We didn’t know this at the time, but the package was sent UPS basic, which means the USPS delivers the package to the final destination.  A couple of days went by and the tracking information hadn’t changed.  UPS later contacted the News Media Company saying they received the package back from the USPS saying “Address didn’t exist”.

We knew something wasn’t right because it wouldn’t be the Lexington USPS saying “Address didn’t exist”, it would be our local post office.  FBI was sent to the UPS store to retrieve the package. The supervisor who received the package back and contacted the Media Company wasn’t in and wouldn’t be back til the next day.  The FBI returned the next day and talked with the supervisor. They searched the store and couldn’t find the package.  The supervisor found out that someone, from the Government agency that’s been harassing us, came by and took the package.

The FBI went on to talk to the supervisor about why “this Government agency” was contacted in the first place.  The supervisor was very forthcoming and showed the FBI an email they had received from “this Government Agency”. The email listed our names, our family members, our attorney in Indiana and his family members, our Federal attorneys in Washington D.C. as well as the FBI agents who had been working our case.  The instructions were for them to contact “this Government Agency” if any package came through with our name on it, coming from any of the other people listed.

The UPS supervisor told the FBI that he had a friend with Fed Ex who received the same email.  The story was confirmed and the UPS supervisor and his friend gave the FBI copies of these emails.

The FBI went back to the Lexington USPS sorting center to find out why the package was marked “Address doesn’t exist” from that location.  As I wrote earlier in the “Small Update” post, the FBI was lucky enough to be at the sorting center when a piece of our mail came through and was pulled out and set to the side. They questioned the postal employee and during the questioning they were told about the scanner and us being on the list.

Since we were on “The List” every piece of our mail was put through this scanner. They were able to see that the package from the Media Company contained legal documents, checks and company souvenirs. Since the package came through UPS, they felt like it needed to go back to them instead of  being delivered.

I mentioned in another post the capabilities of this x-ray scanner, how it was able to save and store information.  The FBI found every piece of mail that was sent from our Federal Attorney, CPA, Financial Company,  and our Indiana attorney. They didn’t find the “physical” mail, the found a copy of every piece saved and stored in the scanner. They asked the postal employee what happened to the “physical” mail. He told them it was destroyed.

After more investigating, the FBI found out that our names were on list in various cities in every state surrounding Kentucky, along with Washington D.C.

Obviously there is more to talk about on this, but that will be done at a later time.

We did find out some interesting information from this scanner. There were 70 other people on the list besides our names from the Lexington area.  One name in particular stood out though. Who was it?

RAND PAUL’S CAMPAIGN – I’ll allow you to speculate why his name was on the list.

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Secret Committees

How do you feel about them?

Do you think its okay for business people to conspire with media outlets for the sole purpose of keeping negative stories about their business out of the Media?

Over the last 2 years we’ve discovered such a Committee here in Kentucky.  We knew there had to be some connection between the local media and a business that we were going after for fraud, mismanagement of funds and corruption.

It was an investigative reporter who was working on our story that discovered such Committee.  What did she get in return from the Company she worked for? She was terminated and threatened.

With her information and the help of the FBI, it became very clear who all the members of this Committee were.

What made this Secret Committee extremely interesting and “illegal” was the sitting Government officials who were a part of it.  I will say that one of these Government officials wasn’t aware of the true intent of this Secret Committee. This person was told that the Committee was to help expose fraud and corruption throughout the state. Once the true intent was discovered by this Government official, correspondence was sent to certain members of the Committee stating he wanted no part of it and regretted being involved with the Committee in the first place.

The other Government official was clearly aware of the intent of the Committee from the beginning and spearheaded the effort to make sure the Secret Committee continued.  This official called various members of the Committee trying to garner their support in continuing the Committee, which included threats if they resisted.  This Government official is currently in Federal Custody.

At this time, there are no plans to disclose who any of the members of this Secret Committee are.

We have been told that efforts are being made to “Right” some of the wrongs that have taken place.  If by some chance these “Wrongs” aren’t corrected, then I will have no problem listing EVERY member of the Committee, including who they worked for and what role they had in the Secret Committee.

*** To the members of the media that were a part of this Secret Committee.  This is a message for you to knock your crap off and do your job.***