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The White House Has Eyes

So I would like to go through a timeline of events since our last blog post on Nov. 6th $60 Million Dollar Heist by the FBI

Monday Nov. 7th – Mr. Mueller received a phone call from Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.  Mr. McCabe wasn’t happy about our blog post or pending lawsuits and wanted us to stop from going forward. He was informed there wouldn’t be a need for the blog post or a lawsuit if we were made whole.

Tuesday Nov. 8th – Mr. Mueller received a phone call from Director Comey. Director Comey wasn’t happy about the post or pending lawsuit as well.  We have Director Comey admitting on tape that he would get us a check and there was no need to proceed with legal action. Director Comey was informed that we would proceed with legal action until we are made whole.

Tuesday Nov. 8th – Election night, Mr. Mueller received a phone call from the White House requesting a meeting with President Obama for the next morning.

Wednesday Nov. 9th – Mr. Mueller went to the White House along with some of our other representatives. President Obama wasn’t happy with the current situation and that we should’ve come to him first. Not much happened from this meeting other than one of our attorney’s being asked nicely to leave the room after he took offense to what President Obama said.


I’d like to take a quick moment and address why one of our attorneys was asked to leave the room.

Apparently President Obama thought we “owed” him a heads up on things since he gave us an “Executive Order of Protection”

I’ll reiterate what our attorney said in reference to “owing” you President Obama, so listen carefully.


President Obama,

You seem to be under the impression that we owe you some sort of notice before we do anything because you gave us an Executive Order of Protection.

Your Executive Order has done us.


We’d be more than happy to let the New Administration take care of all of this if you won’t.

Imagine all the questions that might be asked.



The Meanss Family

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$60 Million Dollar Heist by the FBI

This headline is 100% accurate.

During the Fall of 2015 FBI agents out of Cincinnati Ohio stole 60 Million dollars that was awarded to us by a Federal Judge.

We’ve remained quiet this entire time while one of our attorneys has gone back and forth with Director James Comey. It’s gotten to the point where we no longer trust the FBI and can no longer remain quiet.

The two agents who stole the money were caught, but not before spending some of the monies and selling most of the property. Without going into too much detail, FBI policies and procedures were violated in the recovery of monies and property.

We’ve been told that the two agents who stole the monies & property are in jail awaiting trial. While the other agents who violated policies and procedures were demoted and/or fired.

Director James Comey and Deputy Director Andrew McCabe have done everything possible to cover this up, except make us whole again.

We are tired of waiting!!!

Our Attorney (Former FBI Director) Robert Mueller Is in the process of filing a lawsuit against the FBI for the theft. Mr. Mueller Is also filing a separate lawsuit against James Comey and Andrew McCabe for violating our Executive Order of Protection.

Any media reading this can feel free to contact Mr. Mueller with any questions regarding our lawsuits. Any media who would like to contact Mr. Mueller and doesn’t know how, feel free to use our Contact form.