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Jamie Dimon Strikes Again

I guess either Jamie Dimon, his personal attorney or someone from chase noticed my latest blog post Taking What’s Ours Part 6 .

Our Attorney along with the Federal Judge in Indianapolis received a notice Friday morning December 20th that a petition had been filed against us in New York by Jamie Dimon’s personal attorney.

What was the petition?

It was a cease and desist petition to keep us from talking and writing about what we were doing to Chase Bank any further.

The Judge placed a conference call with our attorney and Jamie Dimon’s attorney.

The conversation was recorded and on the record.

Dimon’s attorney proceeded to tell the Judge and our attorney that his client was at fault for all of this and that we could continue seizing assets until we had ALL of our money. Mr. Dimon just didn’t want us to write about it anymore.

The Judge proceeded to tell Mr. Dimon’s Attorney that the case was in his Federal Court and that he wasn’t going to allow a petition to hinder our Freedom of Speech.

This was a failed attempt to silence us and we will continue writing about our experiences.

I would like to thank Mr. Dimon’s attorney for admitting your client was at fault for all of this on the record. I’m sure this will prove valuable to us with any future lawsuits we have against Chase and your client, Mr. Jamie Dimon.

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Taking What’s Ours Part 6

As I mentioned in the post Re: A Little Guy Sticks It to Apple and Jamie Dimon, we did hit another Chase Bank location.

On Thursday December 5th, a Federal Order for seizure of assets was executed at another Chase Bank location in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The seizure went fairly smooth. The Bank manager did call 911 and report the bank was being robbed. Little did the bank manager know, the local police were notified in advance by the Federal Agents who executed the order of what was really going on. Needless to say, nobody came to the Bank’s rescue.

A little more than $562,000 in cash was seized from the cash drawers and outer vault. This location also had more furniture than the last one. Approximate furniture value is about $88,000.  About $650,000 in total assets was seized from this location.

To date, we have seized a little more than $775,000 in assets from Chase Bank.

This is just an update. To understand what’s been going with us seizing assets, you might want to read the following posts.

Taking What’s Ours

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Re: A Little Guy Sticks It to Apple and Jamie Dimon

We recently had the pleasure of having one of our followers right a post about us.  You can find that post here, titled A Little Guy Sticks It to Apple and Jamie Dimon . This really isn’t an update; I just wanted to take a little bit of time and try to bring some clarification to what was written

Enter A Meanss

Imagine you, as a stockholder, file a multimillion dollar judgment against Apple. They refuse to pay up, and you get a court order to confiscate merchandise from their computer stores. After obtaining a similar settlement against Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase, you begin seizing the assets of your nearest Chase Bank.

Although much of the story A Meanss tells on his blog (A Meanns to an End) sounds far-fetched, the level of legal and financial detail lends it a ring of plausibility. If Meanns invented all this, he sure has one hell of an imagination.

Our Court order was to seize assets. In Apple’s case, that happened to be the merchandise they sell. They were lucky we left the tables.

My family and I only wish this was all a work of fiction. Try to keep in mind, what you read on this blog are things that have been approved for me to talk about. Hopefully our announcement on January 13th will clear up any doubt people might have about the validity of anything posted on this site.

Meanns Wins Multimillion Dollar Settlement

Although Meanss, who is under gag order, doesn’t say so directly, his blog suggests the lawsuit he filed against the federal government in 2009 related to malicious harassment (stalking, mail interference, phone surveillance, etc.) by an unnamed federal agency. The settlement was paid into an investment account which couldn’t be drawn as cash or into a private bank account. Instead, for some reason, it could only be invested in stocks or real estate.

The couple ultimately used most of the fund to purchase shares in Apple and Ford. They also transferred $1.4 million to an escrow account managed by JP Morgan Chase to buy a house. When the home purchase fell through, they sought to withdraw the $1.4 million and JP Morgan Chase refused to release it.

Meanwhile Apple and Ford failed to pay quarterly dividends Meanss was due. Neither company offered any explanation. They merely refused to respond to queries from either Meanss or his attorneys. Meanns blames his failure to receive the funds he was owed on ongoing government harassment. He claims to have an email the unnamed government agency sent JP Morgan Chase warning them not to release his funds for reasons of national security.

We haven’t filed a lawsuit against the Federal Government. We did file a lawsuit against ONE Government employee this past spring, which we have temporarily rescinded due to parting ways with the law firm that filed it.

We have gotten a few things from President Obama because of our harassment. We did get an Executive Order of Protection in June of 2009, which hasn’t done a whole lot of good since the harassment has actually gotten worse.

We also got a Federal Tax Exemption through 2012 because of the monies lost in interest due to our harassment.

When President Obama was told that our harassment had continued. Robert Gibbs notified our Attorney that President Obama had extended our Federal Tax Exemption through 2015.

Prior to the 2012 election, President Obama was shown proof of the continuous harassment by a member of his administration from 2009 to 2012.  Instead of addressing the problem, he once again extended our Federal Tax Exemption through 2045. We didn’t ask for this, nor want it.  All we wanted was to be left alone and have access to our monies.

We’ve had several settlements, the majority of which happened before our harassment began by this Government Agency. There are “no gag” orders pertaining to our settlements. There were standard non-disclosures put in place, but we have recently discovered those might be all null and void due to new evidence that has been uncovered.

Our settlements were put into investment accounts. The problem was, the Government Agency that was harassing us attached something to our social security numbers preventing transfers into our personal bank accounts. Along with preventing transfers, they also made it to where we couldn’t deposit any checks besides our normal paychecks. Because of this we were limited to what we could do with the funds in the accounts. We were able to purchase stock and invest in a Company, which we did. This Government Agency did everything they could to make sure we couldn’t physically touch our money.

We didn’t use most of the fund to purchase Apple and Ford Stock.  It was actually a very tiny percentage. Apple and Ford weren’t the only stocks we purchased, there were a few others, but Apple and Ford were the only ones that paid a dividend.

We know for a fact that the failure of Apple and Ford to pay our dividend was due to the ongoing government harassment. Tim Cook and Alan Mulally explained how the dividends were paid to our Attorney. In our case, a dividend check would’ve automatically been issued. Both Cook and Mulally looked into it and found no record of a dividend check done for us. They tried to issue the checks manually and it still failed.

We ended up getting permission from Cook and Mulally to send agents into their companies. NSA agents went into Apple and Ford and were quickly able to find out what the problem was. At Apple and Ford, an employee who handles stock information had responded to an email from a “Government Agency”. This email asked for them to click on a link to confirm information regarding our account. Something in that link disabled the ability for Apple and Ford to issue checks for our accounts.

Something I want to make clear. Tim Cook and Alan Mulally led us to believe they would do everything they could to make it right for us. They even came up with alternatives such as Apple product, gift cards, vehicles, etc. to make up for not being able to pay our dividend and tide us over. They both failed numerous times on their own deadlines.

Once Jamie Dimon failed to comply with his order to release our funds, we knew there was something else going on. Agents were able to find an email sent to JP Morgan Chase telling them not to release our funds under any circumstances. Who was this email from? The same Government Agency that’s been harassing us all these years.

Meanss Obtains Court Order

After an extensive legal battle, Meanns ultimately obtained a court order requiring JP Morgan Chase to release the $1.4 million. They also obtained court orders requiring Apple front up with $12.6 million in unpaid dividends and Ford $600,000. In September, Apple was given 30 days to begin payments according to the schedule the judge set up.

Apple and Ford were both given 30 days initially and it wasn’t for the full amount. The first 30 days was a quarterly payment.

Meanss Begins Confiscating Merchandise

When Apple failed to comply, Meanns applied for and was granted a seizure of assets order. On October 11, federal marshals assisted him in executing the order on the Apple store in Keystone Crossing Indianapolis. In total he confiscated $275,000 worth of merchandise. On October 19th marshals arrested three retail staff at the Columbus Apple store when they tried to interfere with a seizure of assets order that netted Meanss $2.75 million of computer equipment. In early November, marshals assisted him in carrying out seizure of assets orders in two Apple stores in Louisville Kentucky, in which acquired $3.7 million worth of electronic equipment.

Meanwhile on October 31, Meanns started in on JP Morgan Chase with a seizure of assets order at the Chase Bank in Indianapolis. Everything in the bank was seized except for the server and records containing customer information. The process also netted him approximately $126,000 in cash in addition to rolls of coins.

It wasn’t Federal Marshals; it was the FBI who executed the order. The three in Columbus were arrested because they didn’t understand it was a Federal order. The manager and the other two employees saw where it came out of a Federal court in Indianapolis, IN.  The three kept telling the agents this was Ohio and the order had no jurisdiction there. Local police were called to the location and confirmed to the three apple employees that they were idiots and it was a Federal Order.

In early November, the seizure was executed at three apple stores. One in Louisville, Ky and the Keystone location in Indianapolis once again.  The third took place in New York City.

The JP Morgan Chase information was correct. We also got word today Dec. 5th, another Chase Bank location was served with the seizure of assets order. I will post something more about it when I have more detail.

Is Meanss’ Story Believable?

Obviously there are details missing from this story that would be useful in evaluating its believability. Meanns claims a gag order issued with the settlement prevents him from disclosing factual details. Even so, it would be useful to know his occupation and the circumstances that caused him to become the focus of government harassment.

There are details missing from our story. I am only writing about what I’ve been authorized by our Attorneys to do. There are other Government Agencies that have been extremely helpful to us over this period of time. We would like for this help to continue, so I’m only writing what I’m allowed to.

I cannot legally comment on the reason for our Gag order, but I can tell you it has nothing to do with any of our settlements.

I cannot comment at this time on the circumstances that caused me and my family to become the targets of the harassment we’ve been through.  We have recently found a link between us and 140 other people who’ve been harassed by the same agency. We all have ONE thing in common.

I’m sorry I can’t be more open about specifics. The announcement on January 13th wouldn’t be happening if my blog was full of crap. Please be patient.

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A Little Guy Sticks It to Apple and Jamie Dimon

Wanted to reblog this post since it’s about us. When I have
time I will respond to this post and try to clarify a few things. I appreciate the time that was taken to write this post and bring a little attention to what we’ve been dealing with.

The Most Revolutionary Act


Tim Cook Apple CEO

A New Brand of Shareholder Activism

It’s fairly common knowledge that shareholders have little say in corporate governance. For the most part upper level managers run their companies as their own personal fiefdom. In addition to paying themselves obscene salaries, they make decisions that mainly benefit management, often at the expense of employees, shareholders, and the community that hosts them.

Shareholder activism, also known as shareholder advocacy, has resulted in over 400 shareholder resolutions in 2013 on issues as wide ranging as carbon footprint, fracking, and CEO reimbursement. While holding great promise for the future, the movement has yet to have major impact on the way CEOs operate their companies.

Enter A Meanss

Imagine you, as a stockholder, file a multimillion dollar judgment against Apple. They refuse to pay up, and you get a court order to confiscate merchandise from their computer stores. After obtaining a…

View original post 718 more words

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Attention Followers!!!

To the person who tried to ask President Obama a question last week regarding our blog.

We would like to talk with you.

Please use the Contact page and leave your information as to how we might be able to get a hold of you.  This information goes directly to us and won’t be on display for the public.

If you’d rather contact us through twitter, feel free to DM us @AMeansstotheend

Thank you

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Apple Auction Update

We do have some news on the Auction front that I’d like to pass along.

We had petitioned the court with an order regarding the 45 day hold that was being placed on the Apple merchandise that was seized. We asked that the 45 day hold be removed so we can proceed with collecting monies that are owed to us from the unpaid dividend.

Our order was granted.

Apple Inc. was served with that order on Monday, November 18th.

Since the 45 day hold was lifted, we can now proceed with the immediate sale of ALL merchandise seized. We are still working out the logistics with the Auction house as far as when and how the merchandise will be auctioned.

I will be removing the count down on the right side of the blog and will post further updates as soon as those logistics are worked out.

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Taking What’s Ours Part 5

As I mentioned in the “Taking What’s Ours Part 4” post, we did seize assets at another Apple store the day prior to receiving the temporary restraining order.

The order for seizure of assets was served on November 6th at a store located in New York City. There were no issues with any store employees, they complied with the order 100%.

Three large POD containers were filled and shipped to a secure location. Approximately 8.1 Million was seized from this New York City location.

To date that brings our grand total of assets seized to approximately 14.8 Million in retail value.

We will proceed with selling off those assets as soon as we legally can.

In regards to the temporary restraining order that has been placed against us and our party, a court date has been set in January. Our attorneys will address this issue in California and hopefully get this resolved quickly.

If you read through all of the posts concerning Apple, you will see this is all a game to Tim Cook and he is doing what he can to make a mockery of the Federal Courts.

What do you think would happen to us or any other normal person if we failed to comply with a federal court order?  We’d be held in contempt.

What do you think would happen to us or any other normal person if we failed to appear in court after being subpoenaed? We’d be arrested.

What Tim Cook fails to realize is, because of his personal actions, he’s taken this from being a liability issue with Apple Inc. to putting it squarely on his shoulders as well.

We aren’t just going after Apple anymore. We are going after Tim Cook as well.

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A Response…

As I was posting this morning, our Attorney in Washington D.C. received a response from Tim Cook and Apple.

The response was in the form of a Federal restraining order against our “Federal Group” from entering any more Apple Stores and seizing assets.

The restraining order is out of California. The fact that our Federal case against Apple is out of Indianapolis, Indiana tells us more than likely there was some deception used to obtain the restraining order.

Let me catch you all up to speed and see if this sounds right to you all.

  • Tim Cook appeared in Federal Court in Indianapolis a few months ago. He was ordered to pay our dividend in installments by a certain time frame.
  • Tim Cook failed to comply with the Federal Order to pay our dividend and was subpoenaed to appear in court.
  • Tim Cook failed to appear in court.
  • Since Tim Cook and Apple failed to comply with the Federal Order to pay our dividend and appear in court, the judge ordered a seizure of assets for us to collect what’s owed.
  • Tim Cook’s response to our attorney after seizing assets was “Well Played”
  • Tim Cook agreed to a new deal in order for us to stop seizing assets.
  • Tim Cook failed to follow the new order he agreed to.

So now we are waiting for our Attorneys and the Federal Judge in Indianapolis to get all of this cleared up in California.

Our Attorney also received a phone call from PODS this morning, saying they got a phone call from Apple threatening a lawsuit against PODS for aiding in theft.

Apple is going to sue PODS because they were hired by our party to transport the merchandise we seized by a Federal Court order???

In my opinion Tim Cook is Garbage. Apple is Garbage.

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Taking What’s Ours Part 4

We had a pretty busy couple of days over this past weekend.  We served two orders for seizure of assets.

The first order was served on November 1st to the same Indianapolis, Indiana Apple store that we’d already hit on October 11th.

The second order was served on November 2nd to the Apple store located in Louisville, Kentucky.

Four PODS containers were filled and moved to a secure location. It took several days to inventory all the merchandise that was seized.

Between the two stores, approximately 3.7 Million in assets was seized.

We did hit another Apple store yesterday in a larger market. I will post information about that seizure as soon as everything is inventoried and approximate retail value is calculated.

To date, we have seized approximately 6.7 Million in retail value from Apple.

Because Tim Cook has not come through or made contact about his recent failed agreement with us, we can only conclude that he is okay with our continued seizure of assets.

One thing Mr. Cook needs to understand is that we are continuing to earn a dividend. As of right now we are actually owed 14.05 Million in unpaid dividends. On November 14th that amount increases.

Unless Mr. Cook pays what’s owed in full, we will be auctioning off all assets collected.  We realize we will not get full retail value at auction and in anticipation of that, we will continue to seize assets until we have accumulated 3X our dividends owed.

Hopefully Mr. Cook will rethink this little game he’s playing with Holiday shopping right around the corner.

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Taking What’s Ours Part 3

As I posted in “Taking What’s Ours”, Apple isn’t the only company that owes us money.

On Thursday October 31st, a Federal order for seizure of assets was executed at a Chase Bank location in Indianapolis, Indiana.

All assets were removed from the bank location except for the Server and any other items that contain customer information.

Approximately $126,000.00 in cash was seized from the cash drawers not including rolls of coins.

Apparently an assistant Manger was able to call somebody. While assets were being seized, our Attorney received two phone calls from Jamie Dimon’s attorney.

Jamie Dimon and Chase have 45 days from the time of seizure to pay the remaining 1.4 Million that they are illegally holding. If they fail to pay, the assets seized will be auctioned off. The monies received at auction will be subtracted from the amount owed minus storage and other fees.

However, the $126,000 + in cash that was seized will go directly to us and be subtracted from the 1.4 Million owed.

As I’ve stated in another post regarding Tim Cook and Apple. Jamie Dimon and Chase need to understand that we aren’t going to just stop with ONE bank.  We can hit ANY Chase Bank in ANY state.

We will continue to seize assets until we either accumulate 1.4 Million after auction and fees or until Jamie Dimon decides to release the remaining amount of our monies being held illegally.